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wat could have been story (part 1 naruto's return)
After 3 years of intense training naruto returns with his master jiraiya to the hidden leaf village. Sakura runs out her house thinking &quot;i cant be late hes coming back today hes gonna bother me if im not on time&quot;. Sakura is second at the gate of konoha. She sees Sasuke standing at the gate. &quot;Wow sasuke i didnt think u would be this early&quot;. Sasuke says &quot;yea well i just wanted to be the first to see how strong hes gotten thats all&quot;. &quot;Yea right&quot; sakura thought. Then the both of them sees naruto entering the gate. &quot;Hey u guys its been too long&quot; naruto said as he laughed. Sasuke said &quot;Yea it has, we need to see how long its been on the battle field&quot;. Naruto smirked and said &quot;yea you will see when i cream you hahaha&quot;. &quot;What was that you loser!&quot;. &quot;You heard me ill c-r-e-a-m you!!&quot;. Then Sakura stepped in and said &quot;u guys thats enough, welcome back naruto&quot;. Naruto looked around and said &quot;hey wheres kakashi sensei.&quot; Probably late again and thinking up an excuse like always&quot; said sakura. Then kakashi pops up &quot;Im sorry i was late i was helping an old lady on the way haha&quot;. Then in unison they said &quot;u liar&quot;!!!. Then he said &quot;anyway welcome back naruto, now its time to see how far u all have grown,(he brings out 2 bells) same like last time. All three of his old students looked at him and noded &quot;right!&quot;<br />
<br />
to be continued...

by itachi677
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 443
Property: Naruto