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Is this love? *Sasori* ~part 2~
&quot;OK! Where off!&quot; Naruto said as we left the village. &#039; Why do I have to be stuck with a stuck up bitch like Saukra a annoy brat like Naruto, and a Know it all like Sai!&#039; *I think Sai is cool it&#039;s just part of the story =]* As I thought while walking along Kakashi. &quot;OK guy&#039;s knock it off we are on a mission we aren&#039;t going to make this one a bad one...&quot; When a said that he looked over are Naruto.<br />
<br />
&quot;Hey Shyoko come to think of it is this your 50th S ranked mission?&quot; Saukra said as we sat down to rest. Well not really it&#039;s my 53th S ranked mission&quot; after talking to Saukra, I was starting to think &#039; is this my whole life is going to be doing mis sion and when I grow old I die I work like a dog for my whole life?&#039; The I felt someone shaking me &quot;Come on time to go.&quot; Sai said helping me up, when we where off again. While we were walking we felt the ground shake, then I heard someone coming.<br />
<br />
&quot;Quick in the trees someone is coming!&quot; Then we ran in the darkness, when the dark figure came in sight I jumped into action. I threw my kuni w/ the paper bomb and a clay type of bird few after it, Then a huge tree came flying at us &quot;move in position!&quot; yelled Kakashi. Where were out in the open, the figure took of his hat &quot;What kind of people would try to kill a person that is just passing through hmm?&quot; the man said, &quot;We would and we&#039;re about to take you out!&quot; Naruto shouted and start to run at him while whiping out his kuni knife. Then three more people appeared then the fight began.<br />
<br />
*I am not going in to detail it&#039;s not that important*<br />
<br />
Every one was on the ground but me and Kakashi were still standing. He was about to fall over &#039;He looks like he reached his limit, damn it! This is not good who the hell are these guys?! Come to think of it I must be looking like I reached my limit here which I haved these guy are tough I mean really tough!&#039;. When Kakashi fell I ran at them at full force or what ever strength I had left, I felt a really sharp pain inside me I looked down and I have been stabbed through the stomach I held the wound and I still was running but then it all went black I clasped now to die to be these creep lifeless body that they can do whatever to. Then I heard some voices, &quot;WHY CAN&#039;T SHE SLEEP IN MY FUCKING ROOM!!?!?!?&quot; a man said in a deep voice, &quot;because you will kill her Hidan!&quot; a women said. Then hmm I woke up and it got quiet, &quot;hey she&#039;s awake!&quot; someone said that looked like a girl but had a guy voice. &quot;Where am I?&quot; someone with red hair walked in the room &quot;Your are now in the Akatsuki...&quot;<br />
<br />
Part 3 will come soon thank you for reading

by XSlipknotXFanX124
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto