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the end of me is today
Is it too late to make it right <br />
<br />
I watch the clock as the hours fly by<br />
My heart beats slowly as I start to die<br />
My soul is hanging by a single thread<br />
My heart over-flows with vexation and dread<br />
My life has officially been broken<br />
as I hear the final words you’ve spoken<br />
<br />
You have so much time to make things right<br />
and you cant take em back by cryin’ at night<br />
Why am I the one with the feeling of distress<br />
After an entire life of feeling depressed<br />
I prepare for my life long break<br />
as i savor the final breath i take<br />
<br />
I’m finally free <br />
I’m finally sober<br />
I’m near the end and my life is over<br />
I’m starting to die<br />
and the angels in heaven start to cry<br />
Im free of evil and Im clean of sin<br />
This is the one time in my life were I actually win<br />
<br />
Well I beg you not to morn<br />
I will be in your heart forever more<br />
It’s not you fault I just feel a little sore<br />
It’s not just self-mutilation <br />
It’s my final act of desperation<br />
<br />
I close my eyes <br />
as you cry don’t go <br />
and I say I wont as I die really slow<br />
Im doing this for you <br />
Im doing this with out pain<br />
Please remember me so I die not in vein<br />
<br />
<br />
My heart is tired and It needs to rest<br />
I cant take the pain that dwells in my chest<br />
It’s way too late to make things right<br />
and you’ve had enough crying at night<br />
<br />
You can only live so long<br />
and you can only do one thing wrong<br />
You put the halo over my head<br />
for once Im happy and now Im dead

by XdropXdeadX
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 274
Property: Naruto