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The Hero's Future, part 1.
Naruto looked out onto the city of Konoha. Hinata walked up behind him.&quot;Hinata?&quot; He asked, voice low. &quot;Yes, Naruto-Kun?&quot; She said back. &quot;Where is Daisuke? He needs to see what his old man gets to see every day.&quot; He chuckled.Hinata smiled back and replied.&quot;With Sasuke-kun and his son, Sesuke&quot; She leaned against the fence, looking out over her husband&#039;s village. It was everyone&#039;s village. Sakura came up. Followed by Ino and her daughter Itichi. Ino giggled as Sakura walked up behind Naruto. &quot;Be carefull you don&#039;t fall, dobe.&quot; Ino broke the calm talking with screams of laughter. &quot;Hinata looked around.&quot;What&#039;s wrong Ino?&quot; Then her intrests fell on Naruto. Who carried on a conversation with Sakura.Ino stopped and pulled Itichi from behind her. &quot; Itichi was with Daisuke today.&quot;<br />
Hinata&#039;s eyebrow raised. &quot;Oh really? Soooo, why should I care?&quot; Ino chuckled.&quot;Theyr&#039;e going out now.&quot; Ino said, well, laughed. Naruto turned his head twords the young quiviring girl in the corner. &quot;Hano? Hano! Come here. What&#039;s wrong.&quot; A tall, pink-haired girl stepped from out of the corner. &quot;Oh, nothing. It&#039;s just cold up here. I was looking for mom.....&quot; her voice trailed off. It sounded hard and cold. Like her father&#039;s. She turned and walked to her mother. After whispering something, she jumped off. Hinata&#039;s hair flew wildly in the wind. It caught Naruto&#039;s eye and he was off gaurd. Suddenly, someone grabbed him by the neck. A cold kuni was breathtaking. Hinata gasped, and Sakura winced. Ino only laughed. The shodowy figure laughed back.<br />
<br />
&quot;Sasuke?&quot; Naruto asked. The figure chuckled again. A small sliver of ink ran down Naruto&#039;s arm.&quot;Good day Sai.&quot; Hinata said firmly. Sai let go and continued on his way. The ink on Naruto&#039;s arm wrote. &#039;Hi idiot. Heh, just passing through.&#039;

by Lolz91
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 592
Property: Naruto