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Evil Angel-Suigetsu-
Hey. My name&#039;s Mizuoro(water snake) I&#039;m the daughter of Orochimaru. I have jet black hair with purple highlights and green snake eyes. I&#039;m a part of S.N.A.K.E with Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Karin. Though my dad treats me nicely I know he doesn&#039;t do that to everyone. For my out fit I wear something similar to Karin&#039;s outfit. Except I have a white belly shirt and shorts that go to the middle of my thigh. I also have a curse mark on the side of my neck. It&#039;s kinda like Sasukes only it has flecks between each mark. And a tattoo of a snake wrapping around my whole body, The tail is at my ankle and the neck slopes over my shoulder and is on my chest just above my right breast. And the snake, ironically is Lord Manda. He protected me from danger when I was a baby. <br />
Now, I&#039;m 16 and full of energy. My weapon is a long samurai sword strapped to my back. I&#039;m pale but not as white as my dad. I&#039;m bestfriends with Suigetsu, enemies with Karin. And, I guess I&#039;m neutral with Sasuke. He doesn&#039;t talk much to me....<br />
To be continued

by adrenalineXlove
Written: 5 years ago
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