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King of Kings Naruto:#1 Naruto the Mac?
&quot;Naruto I have had a great time with you&quot; &quot;ya I have had a great time with you, but if Hinata finds out she might kill u Shilau&quot;. Shilau grab Naruto and kisses him for 5 seconds. &quot;So naruto you cheating on my sister&quot;.&quot; Uhh Ninata&quot; You stuck up b*** Naruto&quot;! Ninata grabbed Shilua and kicked her across the face.&quot;Air, wind , smoke ,Air dragon jutsu&quot;! The attack hit Shilua and she flew into a tree. Ninata walked up to naruto and slapped him so hard she knocked him out.<br />
Naruto woke up in a bed naked and Ninata was on top of him.Naruto pushed Ninata&#039;s naked body off him. She woke up and put a kuni up to his neck.&quot;Stay still im not done with u. She grabbed him put the covers over there bodies and Naruto screamed.Naruto tried to get away but she was strong and he had to give up and take it.<br />
The next day Naruto was at his house shakeing.Moving back and forth. His dorbell and he went and opend it. It was Hinata.&quot; Naruto my sister told me something I couldn&#039;t belive&quot; Negi pushed her away and he had a berr bottle in his hand. He said,&quot; You cheated on my cousin you ... ummm you... Cheeky B*stered. Im gonna....... whoa wheree am I&quot;. Then he fainted. &quot;Why Naruto! give me a reason!&quot;. You knocked out my sister and ...you know what u did.&quot; &quot;It&#039;s not like that it is the other way around&quot;!<br />
Shilua walked up and said,&quot; Hey Naruto im ready to go...ummm I mean ummmmmm.&quot; &quot;Whos she&quot;! Hinata slapped Naruto across the face and into the wall. Hinata left and so did Shilua. <br />
Sacura saw Naruto in hiss room leaning on the wall and stepped in.She went in and said &quot;Naruto, you okay&quot; She grabbed his hand and helped him up.&quot; I got dumpped&quot;&quot;oh well come on you should move on. wanna hang out later&quot; &quot;Ya thanks&quot;.

by Ace-kid
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 445
Property: Naruto