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Feelings and Determination pt. 1
Naruto Uzumaki looked up at the bright, blue sky. The sun was shining, and the clouds were puffy and white. It was a beautiful afternoon. Nature seemed to have the wrong idea. Slowly, Naruto turned his head towards the village. The destroyed village. Nearly every building was partially destroyed. Some were even in ruins. Thankfully, it seemed that everyone was not fatally harmed. Except for…Kakashi-sensei, but Naruto didn`t have time to cry about that, because someone else seemed as though she was fatally wounded, too. It was Hinata. Everything that happened right before, during, and after Naruto had entered his six-tailed state was hazy in his memory, but Naruto did remember Hinata trying to help Naruto …and her telling him something. Something important. Three important words-“I love you.” She had told him that she loved him. Naruto was amazed. He didn`t exactly know how he felt towards her, but he knew that he definitely looked at both Hinata and Sakura in a new light. Naruto looked down at his body. He was covered in blood-both his, and Pain`s. But, that didn`t matter, now. He realized how worried he was about Hinata. He was in a forest, but not far away from the hill that she had collapsed on. He started running as fast as he could to the hill. Soon he was there. He scanned the area. He looked and looked, but he didn`t see her anywhere. “Damn it! Where is she?” He yelled aloud. “Naruto!!” He heard a familiar voice call. He turned around. It was Sakura. “S-Sakura! Where is-” She immediately cut him off. “You look terrible! What happened? Is Pain dead? Are you okay? I was so-” Naruto looked at her with both an angry and fragile expression. “Sakura! Where`s Hinata? Is she okay? She`s not…” He gulped. “…Dead, is she?” Sakura looked confused, at first, then, she smiled lightly. “She`s alright, Naruto. Her wounds were nearly fatal, but Lady Tsunade and I treated her, and she`s okay, now. She should be fine once she rests for a day, or maybe two. Would you like to go see her?” Naruto smiled gratefully at her. “Yes, thanks, Sakura.” “Okay.” The two walked in silence towards the hospital. “What happened between the two?” Sakura thought to herself. “Why is Naruto so concerned?” Sakura shook her head. Naruto looked up. “Hmm?” “O-oh, nothing, nothing.” Sakura said. They continued to walk. “I`m not…jealous of her, am I?” Sakura thought to herself.

by shyhinata914
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 327
Property: Naruto