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Feelings and Determination pt. 2
When they arrived at the hospital, Sakura led Naruto to Hinata`s room. “Thanks, Sakura.” Naruto said, and opened Hinata`s door, slowly. He stepped inside. Hinata was in a cot, sitting up, reading a book. She was all alone in her small room. She looked up, and blushed. “O-oh, Naruto! Hi.” Naruto walked towards her bed. “Hey, Hinata. Are you feeling alright?” “Yeah, I`m okay. But…Naruto, are you? You`re covered in blood!” Naruto laughed at Hinata`s concern. “I just need to take a shower. But…uh…” Naruto looked straight into Hinata`s white-blue eyes. “I just wanted to thank you. For everything, I mean. Not just for helping me, today, but…well, since we were kids. You were always there. Heh…I`m kinda slow, though, ‘cause I just realized how much you`ve helped me.” He smiled and blushed. “Oh, Naruto!!” Hinata exclaimed. She had tears in her eyes. She reached forward and hugged him. Naruto smiled again. “Hinata…” He breathed, “This is a thank-you.” He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. Hinata nearly fainted, but she didn`t. She wanted to remember and savor this moment. She blushed heavily. “Naruto…thank you, too. Without you, I…I don`t know where I would be right now.” Naruto laughed. “Oh, no need to thank me!” He turned to leave. “Bye, Hinata. I`ll visit you later, okay?” She waved, and he left the room. On his way out, he bumped into Sakura, who had been watching everything. “Oh, sorry, Sakura.” Naruto said. He never really noticed Sakura`s expression. Sakura`s face was completely a piece of art. It seemed to have every emotion: happiness, sadness, confusion, understanding, pain, and joy. Sakura watched Naruto leave. He seemed happy, in the least. Did he…love Hinata? Sakura realized, finally, what she had been feeling for the last year; she still cared about Sasuke, so deeply, that she would risk her life to save him. But she would also die for Naruto. That could lead to some bad events, ahead. Sakura sighed. Sasuke and Naruto, Hinata and herself, whoever it was, she would face everyone. She promised herself that in the end, she would make the right decision.

by shyhinata914
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 293
Property: Naruto