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Feelings and Determination pt. 4
Naruto stopped by at Sai`s house, then Sakura`s only to tell them to come to Hinata`s hospital room so they could talk about something. Once they were all gathered in the same place, Naruto started talking. “So, thanks for coming Sai. You too, Sakura.” Sakura looked confused. “Naruto, what is this all about?” Naruto looked up at her. “I`m getting to that. But, before I tell you, are you guys ready to risk your lives for this?” “How can we risk our lives for it when we don`t know what it is?!” Sakura asked, loudly. “Just…just…will you risk your lives for the mission?” Sakura sighed. “Well, yes, of course. But-” Sai cut her off. “Yes.” He responded. Naruto turned toward Hinata. She nodded her head. “Okay, then. Well…I was thinking. We`ve all gotten stronger…especially in the past week. Since Pain`s assault. So, I thought, since we`ve all grown so much-” Sakura was getting impatient. “Just tell us Naruto!!” “Okay, okay! Anyways, I was thinking we should try to rescue Sasuke, again.” Sai smiled. “I agree, Naruto. I think we should.” Hinata smiled. “It does feel like we`ve grown so much. We should try again.” However, Sakura remained silent, her head down. She didn`t know if she could face failure, again. Of course, she also didn`t know if she could ever look at Sasuke, again. Naruto looked up at her. “S-Sakura…? Are you with us?” He placed a hand on her shoulder, and she looked up. “I don`t know if I can, Naruto.” She said. He smiled at her-his special kind of smile, that made everything seem okay, even when it wasn`t. “Of course you can!” He said. Sakura sighed. “Yes. I`m in.” “Yay!” Naruto said. Then, he turned to Hinata. “Hey, Hinata? Do you think you`ll be okay to leave, tomorrow? Or should we wait another day?” “I-I can go, tomorrow! I feel better!” She assured him. Naruto smiled at her, then turned to Sakura and Sai. “Okay, guys. Meet me at the gates, tomorrow at 7:00 A.M. Bring weapons and stuff.” Sakura and Sai both nodded. “Later!” Naruto said, as he left the room, Sai and Sakura following him. “I wonder…I wonder if we can really do it.” Hinata thought. She promised herself that she would try her best to help Naruto and Sakura rescue Sasuke.

by shyhinata914
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 280
Property: Naruto