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itachi's diray
day 6 the dream of truth <br />
<br />
&quot;die&quot;<br />
&quot;itachi whach it&quot;<br />
<br />
*bam*<br />
&quot;itachi wake up&quot;<br />
*eye slowly opening*<br />
<br />
people are fighting? a snake boy and a old man a little parrakeet boy and a jonin it looks like. what the heck is going on<br />
<br />
&quot;uh!!!!&quot;<br />
*drip*<br />
&quot;.......orochimaru....&quot;<br />
&quot;......old man&quot;<br />
&quot;you killed the old man&quot;<br />
the honon boy push the parrakeet boy on the ground and fan &quot;some where over the rainbow&quot;<br />
(????? wtf) the snake boy and parrakeet boy fan some where to and i&#039;m fight here haveing no idea what the heck just happin and the creepy thing ever is im wearing a DREASS! oh right the old man&quot;<br />
&quot;old man are you ok&quot;<br />
&quot;itachi....i want you.... to take me to the village.&quot;<br />
as i was the jonin people they surrounded us as if i was the bab boy but really the snake and parrakeet boys were.<br />
&quot;drop him or die&quot;<br />
&quot;no stop i...&quot;<br />
&quot;no&quot;<br />
who the heck was this girl she was pink all over what the heck did she want.

by inochanalove16
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 289
Property: Naruto