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What if story part 12
Garra atacks<br />
Garra: Sand sunami. sand clone.<br />
Sasuke: please Chidori.<br />
Naruto: no good he won&#039;t last that long at this rate I have to do somthing.<br />
Garra: Stop it Naruto. I can handle this leave me alone.<br />
Sasuke: This is the end of you Garra.<br />
Garra gets hit<br />
Naruto: darn What do I do.<br />
Sakura, Ino and Hinata get up.<br />
Sakura: Naruto leave the stalling to us okay. Don&#039;t worry just charge up for your move okay Naruto.<br />
Ino: listen things may look bad but we are strong too so just leave this to us okay.<br />
Hinata: Naruto you have always helped us. now we can help you. I know you don&#039;t want our help but we are really strong so just leave this to us. <br />
Naruto: But the last time you tried to help me you almost got killed.<br />
Hinata: I&#039;m stronger now so you can trust me okay Naruto.<br />
They attack sasuke.<br />
Ino: Mind transfer Jutsu.<br />
It misses and Sasuke takes Ino out.<br />
Sakura: Take this.<br />
She punches sasuke and sends him flying but he bounces back and hits her with a chidori.<br />
Hinata: Gentle fist. Eight trigrams 361 palms.<br />
She hits sasuke and he gets down. Then sasuke ate a food pill and kicks Hinata.<br />
Hinata: I am weaker than him still.<br />
Naruto: Don&#039;t worry my move is finished. Ultimate Rasengan times 100.<br />
The move hits.<br />
Sasuke: what is this power.<br />
The battle ends.<br />
End read what if story part 13

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 363
Property: Naruto