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Naruto Goes Camping
Team Kakashi has gotten stranded in a cabin on a mountain in a blizzrd, along with Sasuke.<br />
<br />
Kakashi: Everyone behave! *eyeing the three ninja*<br />
Sakura: So Sasuke... What&#039;re you gonna do?<br />
Sasuke: *slighytly annoyed* What do you think I&#039;m gonna do? I&#039;m in a cabin in the middle of a blizzard that even my fire justu can&#039;t do anything, with three poeple I decisevly hate!!!<br />
Naruto: I Want ramen! How&#039;d we get here anyway?<br />
Sakura: Well we had to follow the obviously color blind ninja after sasuke and it started to snow and we all came in here!<br />
Naruto: Color blind???<br />
Sasuke: You&#039;re wearing orange! What kind of sane ninja would wear orange! Dunce!<br />
Kakashi: *awkwardly calm* Well how about we vote on who goes and gets fire wood? Who votes Naruto? *all hands raised including naruto*<br />
Naruto: Wait what are we voting for again?<br />
Kakashi: Too late! *soves naruto out of cabin* Get fire wood!<br />
Naruto: WHAT!?!? It&#039;s freezing out here!!!<br />
<br />
to be continued soon!

by treekid
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 402
Property: Naruto