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icha icha sensei
*this is what i think is in jiraiya&#039;s books*<br />
It was six in the morning Yoko woke up got a shower ate then got dressed as usual. Yoko had black hair, 24 years old, she was 5 foot 3 inches, her cup size was C, she loved ramen, and was a 7th grade teacher, she taught sex education. Yoko looked through her clothes searching for a bra “looks like I’m gonna go braless today” Yoko said. she put on green panties, a blue shirt, and a black skirt. Yoko went to her class and got started luckily it was Friday and she didn’t have to work the next day. Yoko greeted her class but all the male students could do was focus on her perky nipples, Yoko noticed and remembered today she was going to show a video so she could escape the gaze of the male students undressing her with their eyes. It was finally 9th period, she didn’t have any more classes to teach, she got all her work done, and could hang out in the teachers lounge. Yoko went in and saw a man with brown hair, he was 26 years old, 6 feet tall, and was the new teacher. Yoko sat down beside him “hello I’m Yoko” she said, “I’m Sasuke” the man said “so you’re new here” Yoko said. “yeah it sucks ‘cause I don’t know anybody” Sasuke said, “oh don’t you have a girlfriend?” Yoko said, “no” Sasuke responded, “will… you, um… go out with me?” Yoko asked, “sure I will when schools over” Sasuke said, “okay!” Yoko said with surprise. School was finally over and Yoko gets to go out with this guy she finds so dreamy, “how about we go back to my place have some ramen” Sasuke said, “hell yeah I love ramen” Yoko said. they went to his place ate then sat out on the balcony when the sun was setting. “this was a great day I’m glad I meet you” Yoko said staring into his eyes, “yeah me too will you…” Sasuke said when Yoko kissed him passionately, Sasuke caught up in the moment put his hand under Yoko’s shirt groping her breasts. Yoko took her shirt off then started to kiss Sasuke same more. “are we about to have sex?” Sasuke asked “yeah lets go to your bed” Yoko said. they laid down on the bed kissing, Sasuke took his shirt off and pants so did Yoko, “I like green panties” Sasuke said, “then you can have ‘em” Yoko said pulling them off then throwing her panties to him. Sasuke took his underwear off then jumped on the bed and kissed Yoko. “hey put it in me” Yoko said, Sasuke inserted his penis into you and started to thrust, they made love for an hour be for Sasuke came all over Yoko’s stomach and breasts. “I gotta wash this come off now” Yoko said wiping the sperm off her breasts. “hey do you wanna move in with me?” Sasuke asked, “what? Sure, yes” Yoko said excitedly. Yoko went home and packed the next morning she moved in with Sasuke.

by shinobikid14
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 543
Property: Naruto