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What if story part 13
Naruto beats Sasuke.<br />
Naruto: I did it<br />
Sasuke: hehehe. Yes that was a fun match Naruto.<br />
Naruto: Fun we all almost got killed and you call that fun.<br />
Sasuke: Well it may have been a little extream but what can I say it was worth it right.<br />
Naruto: Your right. The good news is we can rest in the leaf village they rebuilt it.<br />
Sasuke: What you think I&#039;m going back.<br />
Sasuke faints and so does everyone else.<br />
<br />
later They wake up in the leaf hospital. but Naruto is dreaming.<br />
Fourth Hokage: You did well son.<br />
Naruto: Well I have you to thank don&#039;t I?<br />
Forth Hokage: You&#039;re wrong. You are the best now. Don&#039;t let it go to your head. A new Evil wil come.<br />
Naruto. When dad.<br />
Fourth Hokage: When your 28. That&#039;s 12 years. Train like never beffore and don&#039;t get over confident.<br />
Naruto wakes up and everyone is in the room.<br />
naruto tells them.<br />
Sasuke: fine so we will train like never before.<br />
Sakura: It will be just like old times won&#039;t it Sasuke.<br />
Sasuke: Yes I&#039;ll stay. But in 12 years after we beat these guys me and you will have a match Naruto.<br />
Naruto: okay I get it.<br />
Hinata: by the way can you use the Sharingan any time you want now Naruto.<br />
Naruto: no. It was a one time thing and even if I could I wouldn&#039;t. It drains my energy to much.<br />
Shikamaru: Okay so we&#039;ll train for 12 years and win sounds fun.<br />
Naruto: I can&#039;t wait.<br />
They trained for 12 years. Naruto and hinata got married and named their son Haruto. Sasuke and Sakura got married and named their son sako. Shikamaru married Tmari and named his son Shika. And Ino married Choji andnamed their son chozu.<br />
End read what if story part 14

by rg1115
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 358
Property: Naruto