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Naruto, One who loves too muh
One morning it was a normal day for the village, people working, people laughing and people training for the task&#039;s that lie ahead of them. As the morning went the afternoon came quickly, Naruto was training in the area where he fought kakashi, thinking back on how he was back then, immature and idiotic, but he was young he new knew that, he knew that all he wanted was attention from the villagers but all that pushed them further away from him making him more of an outcast, he decided finally enough was enough he wanted too be respected as his father was. As hours on training went by he knew that this wouldn’t make him be respected he had to do something that would make him feel respected, he decided to leave and get sasuke back himself no matter what pain or suffering the path holds for him.<br />
<br />
The next day came, he told no one he was leaving but he left a note in his room for Hinata explaining why he is leaving and possibly wouldn&#039;t be back but telling her the most important thing of all that he loved her so much. As he leaves his apartment Hinata bumps into him, &quot;sorry Naruto, my fault&quot; she says, &quot;No Hintata do not apologise, it was my fault completely I should be more aware of things like this&quot;, As Hinata looks at Naruto she knows that he is troubled, she asks if there&#039;s anything bothering him, he sighs, &quot;No&quot;, with Narutos head slouching downwards Hinata knows something is wrong, she lifts his head up, &quot;You can tell me Naruto, what&#039;s bothering you?&quot;, Naruto bursts into tears &quot;Can I do it Hintata, CAN I REALLY PUT MYSELF THROUGH ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING IVE HAD ALL MY LIFE AGAIN!?&quot; Hintata comforts him with a hug and says &quot;Naruto I love you, you know that&quot;. As Naruto looks into Hinatas eyes he hurls himself towards her, kissing her with an aggressive passion for Hintata, Naruto picks up Hintata and goes back into his apartment to make love to her one last time.

by quirk15
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 347
Property: Naruto