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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 3
Naruto will talk to you again promise , now take your seat please. Hinata smiled everyone knows you now Naruto an respect you ,especially the young . As Naruto walked he ran into Konahmaru who is now a chunin . Brother Naruto how are you as he smiled. Lil brother how are you , i heard you develope a new justsu an can&#039;t wait to see it.I heard your going to the Village Hidden In The Clouds do you need a hand ? Naruto smiled an said &quot; thanks but you need to study for the jounin exams i heard you aced the chunin exams . Konahmaru smiled thanks to you , if you need me i will be here Naruto just holler okay its been awhile since we did something together like a mission .Naruto nodded ,&quot; we will have lots of time for that were ninjas remember we are always on call&quot;.As they talked about whats new they bowed an promise to have ramen when he returned.As Naruto returned home he look an seen a picture of Sasuke on the wall . &quot;Sasuke do you really intend to destroy the Leaf village &quot;? &quot; If you try i will stop you with every fiber in my being &quot; .As Naruto waited for Hinata he was getting pretty sad on not being able to see her for about a week.Naruto - kun are you here as she yelled looking fo an answer? &quot;Here &quot; said Naruto. Hinata said i brought company i hope you dont mind .In walk Ino , Sakura, Lee, Choji ,Ten-Ten and Shikamaru . They all seem to smile when they seen Naruto . Big mission in a couple of days said Choji, &quot;Yeah an its a doozy of a mission an A rank &quot; Shikamaru just shook his head &quot;Naruto be very careful on the roads remember your a big bounty now you must use extreme caution if they cant defeat you the will go after your comrades&quot;. Naruto could see that Shikamaru was nervous an scared for his friend . &quot;HAI&quot; said Naruto with a smile , i wont fail my comrades not once i promise. Shikamaru nodded an smiled taking away that nervousness that was in him a second ago . So new recruits we have to train said Ino who would&#039;ve thought we could have came this far .---------------------------------------------<br />

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 537
Property: Naruto