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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 4
hemselves , now Shikamaru , was third lead councilor for Hidden Village Hall, Sakura was lead medical ninja , Ino second lead ninja medical , an Choji was lead survivalist jounin trainer wich he took great pride in. Hinata smiled but she felt a lil emberrassed of there achievments but Naruto was very proud an supportive of her saying that she guide the children the most an that she starts the flame for the will of fire for the Hidden Leaf village, an Naruto alwyas wanted to be a teacher so he could help the children who were like him alone . But Naruto knew his grades weren't superb like Hinata so he encourage everyday even when she made jounin he knew shew would be excellent as teacher because of her compassion to see good in every child to encourage them to their full potential . Naruo please dont teach your students dangerous techniques right away said Ino you like to over do everything please for the love the village dont. Everyone just laughed as Naruto turned red he was already thinking about training them to do the raisengan in the back of his mind. Choji then joked Naruto wouldn't do that its not like he going to show them the raisengan on the first day. Naruto turned red his friends knew him better than he thought , "Naw i would never do anything that boneheaded as Naruto look down at his sandals. Eevryone looked at him ... You were to thinking of doing as the said it together. They laugh even harder than before . Naruto said just the basics of it, they laughed even harder until their rib cage hurt .Okay enough said Sakura , Naruto you will make a good teacher an if you need advice ask Iruka or Kakashi they will more than be happy to offer advice . As it got dark the party had to end they all wished each other good night . Hinata thanked everyone for coming an hugged everyone an closed the door . Naruto she called i have to leave tonight an go home i need to discuss somethings when you return , an also my father would like to see you tomorrow if you have the chance can you see him ? she asked. "Sure",but we can discuss it tonight before you leave if you like" he said . No get some sleep i will talk to you when you get back i have to leave out to go to the Village In The Mist to show the our ninja academy protocol they are thinking of using are system in training. Hinata kissed Naruto good night and headed home for her journey . Naruto seem to think something was wrong when she was saying good bye he figured she hates when he leaves as he headed to bed . " I'm going to be a sensei " he thought as he drifted off.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 597
Property: Naruto