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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 5
As Naruto woke up he he began to think of all the things he needed to do today the first was to practice his new justsu . As Naruto got up an showered he walked out to the training complex to practice a justsu called fox fang wind sword . A justsu the applies his wind chakra an the chakra of the Kyuubi chakra that is fuse together that cuts the body that makes it look like it been bitten over a thousand times. The elders of the village wanted to band this justsu but Tsunade talked them out of it. As Naruto practice this technigue he could the presence of someone watching him , &quot; come out he &quot; said. It was Shinji Urata staring at Naruto . Its not nice to sneak around an spy on people Naruto said. How can i be like you Shinji said. Naruto looked a little puzzled the students were not to know who he was until another week did Hinata tell them? Practice an practice Naruto said, put your soul into the training an you will exceed . But i&#039;m not talented at all i have non no matter how much i practice Shinji said. Naruto looked a little bewilder , Naruto replied , I was one of the worst ninja in the village an still am . Shinji looked at Naruto , how can that be , everyone knows you your the most famous in the village. Naruto shook his head being popular an being widely known doesn&#039;t make a great ninja. Protecting your love ones make you strong an this village everyone wants to protect everyone here. Shinji looked down at his feet , i&#039;m afraid said Shinji. Naruto said i have fears too, were human but we love an we cherish the people that are important to us. Naruto could see his words were reaching him , fear is natural but don&#039;t let it control you this village we be here for you. Shinji looked please with Naruto answers an thanked him kindly as walked away to train further down the training complex. Well that went good thought Naruto well i better be to see Hinata father as Naruto walked to the Hyuuga resident he started to get a bad omen<br />
--------------------------------------------<br />
part 6 coming soon

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 439
Property: Naruto