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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 8
As Naruto,Sakura, Neji, Lee started to walk down the road they all wonder just how Naruto convince Tsunade to leave early. Naruto said Sakura how did Tsunade let us leave early what did you tell when you made us leave the room? "thats simple" said Naruto " I told her after the mission I won't come around for 2 weeks " as Naruto smiled wildly.HMMM said will you not come around me in 2 weeks since you made us leave early? Sure said Naruto. then the Lee and Neji said make it three an i will call it even as they looked sinisterly at Naruto. Naruto knew they were serious so he told them what they wanted them to hear. As they walk Neji as what excatly did Hiashi wanted . Naruto said he would tell him when they were alone ,the others heard that an it peak there curiosity . Tell me also they said. Nope said Naruto . Tell you what said Lee you tell us an you can forget about the deal we just made . Noope said Naruto he knew he had them an was planning on useing this to his full advantage. All of a sudden a big sword came out of nowhere an almost decapitated Lee . They all took there stance for another attack , then they heard i just want to face the 9 tail not the rest , face me 9 tails . Hearing himself being called the Kyuubi enrage Naruto show yourself an i will said Naruto. Then out of the shadows stood Hoshikage the ghost shark . Naruto look it was the one who came at the hotel when Naruto was only 11 years old with Itachi Uchiha , who threaten to cut off Naruto's hands an legs. Heard you became very powerful i still think your a joke he said , come at me weakling so i can walk away with your head. The others said your a fool if you think you can defeat all of us said Sakura . "No" screamed Naruto all of you stand back do not interfere . "What"? said Neji we can capture him here. Then he won't tell us nothing said Naruto, right Ghost Shark? Well at least your smarter than last time punk now are we going to fight or talk, weakling ninja of the Kohonoa? N aruto look at the Ghost Shark an suddenly threw kunai at him , Ghost Shark dodge so easily an formed 8 water clones of himself. You got to be kidding said Naruto water clones? an with a blink of an eye the water clones were destroyed . g soon

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 589
Property: Naruto