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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 8 b
&#039;What the hell said Ghost Shark , you didn&#039;t make a hand sign &quot;. Don&#039;t need to as Naruto held the kunai in his hand. Ghost Shark thought maybe his useing a gengetsu on me , maybe i didn&#039;t even form those clone maybe he made me think I did? No he&#039;s not the gengestsu type he is more a brawler I heard . Okay punk lets try that again , but before he could finish his statement Naruto had the kunai around his throat saying do you yeild now? Impossible this kid learn the fourth hokage skill the information i was giving is totally false about him I know he defeated Pein but he is on a totally new level of a ninja , the Ghost Shark thought . Me yeild right as he was able to swing his sword at Naruto to back him up . the Ghost Shark made a hand sign that made mist come out and water form on the ground , lets see if you can move this fast when there is water on the ground an mist all around. As Naruto took to steps back he formed a hand sign , WIND STORM HOWLING FOX JUSTSU . As the justsu formed the wind from Naruto formed a artic chill that removed the mist an froze the ground. HA kid the ground has ice thats better for me you cant move . Suddenly the ice on the ground started to move an form ice needles an shot staight toward Ghost Shark , &quot;what the hell thats impossible ass 5 ice needles hit him in the arm chest an leg. Now tell me Ghost Shark who sent you , whats your mission for to kill me, tell me an I will let you go.&quot;Go to hell&quot; said Ghost Shark . I have a justsu that will kill you instantly blondie you will beg for death an I will laugh an give it to you slow said Ghost Shark. As he about form the hand sign he screamed in agony ..&quot; my hands what did you do to my hands? As Naruto stood before him looking down he held both of the Ghost Sharks hands above his head.You want make any hand signs now said Naruto . If you want your hands back tell me who sent you? Ghost Shark could not believe it , he was taken out so easily an that he was being toyed with. &#039;Never&quot; he said. Naruto smiled and said i guess i will just have to take a leg then . &quot;What as everyone looked at Naruto. Your right i better take both legs . As his teammates look in horror Ghost Shark said &quot;stop&quot; I&#039;ll tell you. Pein sent me to kill you . Naruto looked at Ghost Shark how did you know we leaving an coming to this road? he said. A spy but i don&#039;t know who , he lives in the village and he told us . He or she must be very important because they knew excatly when you were leaving , you left 2 days early. As the others heard they could not believe it but it all make sense they thought. Okay so where is Pein said Neji? He&#039;s in the village of the Clouds. Why there in that village? I don&#039;t know it doesn&#039;t make sense to me either. Now please spare me i told you everything you needed to know .Naruto gave both of Ghost Shark hand to him on the ground , Naruto whispered to Ghost Shark ,&quot; i won&#039;t let any of you hurt anyone else in the five great counties as he walked off. Lets go said Naruto we need to hurry . As they started to run , Sakura turned to Naruto ,&quot; were you really going to toy with him like that an kill him? said Sakura . No i wasn&#039;t he only understant violence an fear so i put him in that situation . He talked so i didn&#039;t need too hurt him . But you cut off his hands? He was forming Tidal Wave Shock that would have killed my teammates , i seen him use it one time but i couldn&#039;t catch up to him to stop it. I will protect my teammates at all cost said Naruto . The others heard the conversation an was please Naruto wasn&#039;t turning into an uncaring person . As they sped up Sakura was glad Naruto still had a heart of gold-------------------------------------<br />
part 9 coming

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto