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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 10
As they walked through the village they could see that the Village of Rock was going through hard economic times . " They put a bounty on me they don't even look like they can afford a cup of ramen noodles Naruto thought in himself. Excuse me miss said Sakura where is the nearest Herb shop? Sraight down the street to the left said the little old lady. "Thanks" said Sakura .As they approach the shop a group of young women around 20 were staring at Neji ,Lee, an Naruto. One of the girls blushing an smiling at Naruto came up an spoke and said" hi my name is Nabiki Onami whats yours? Naruto had to think quick he can't use his real name Mako Kaiba said Naruto . Mako i like that name she said. Do you want to go get a cup of coffee? She said. Maybe later i have a lot of errands to run an it will be quite some time before i can reach back to you said Naruto who hated lying to the young lady. Oh said the girl looking very disappointed maybe some other time as she walked away looking like her world was coming to an end. The other girls came up an started talking to Lee an Neji but were told that had errands as well. As Sakura came out she could not believe all the girls that found her friends attractive especially Naruto, more eyes seem to be on him out of the three. Sakura said "i'm ready you guys", all the girls eyes turn to Sakura . As the girls whispered she hanging with them her forehead is the size of a billboard one of them said. An enraged Sakura grabbed the girl up by the collar an said"what about my forehead"? The scared girl could only whimper at thought of her being slugged by this raving manic woman. "Nothing" she said. Asthe guys tried to seperate Sakura from the girl Neji had to remind her that they were on a mission. Sakura calmed down quick an release the girl . As the girl was release she was feeling kinda of cocky an said " i bet you can't wear a bandana on your head you would need a king size sheet to wrap around that melon of yours. Before the guys could react Sakura punched the girl an knocked her at least 10 feet from were they were standing.All of the crowd looked in awe especially her comrades their mouths just hung wide open. Run said Lee as they all started to dash away, everyone in the crowd could not believe it Sakura had hit the the warlord's daughter.As the girls pull up their friend they called for the available ninja that was around . As the girl gave a description of the four the warlord came an said" was this an assasination attempt on my daughter"? I want you you to bring them in dead understand by tomorrows dawn .As the ninjas heard his request they only sent out to ninjas to retrieve the four. "What were you thinking Lee said, that was quite dumb on your part to hit that beautiful young girl you probally broke every bone in her face. "ha she wasn't beautiful said Sakura . Your right , not compared to you said Lee.---------------------------------------part 11 coming soon

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 468
Property: Naruto