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they call me "kira" for a reason...(2)
the tall open gates of konhana were covened by fog and we&#039;d just kept walking.I had this feeling that this was crazy,right?<br />
i mean you dont just walk into a village,your wanted in,so why did itachi and kisame kept going forward?<br />
<br />
&#039;god knows men are idiots...im gonna die,one of these days i swear&#039; I thought brutally tugging at itachi&#039;s cloak.he turned his site toward me and i gave him a worried look.he simply nodded and smiled as if telling me without a word that it was going to be alright.<br />
<br />
sadly the guard smust have bin poorly trained as we walked right by.<br />
<br />
&quot;excuse me..&quot; a young,kind voice said.i heard the chimming of the bells oon itachi&#039;s hat and then the ninja fell to the floor.<br />
<br />
&quot;kira...&quot; he said as if cueing me.and i struck out my blade and sliced him through his heart making sure he doesnt wake up from his trance.<br />
first thing we had to do,get me a set of new clothes let me tell you that!<br />
like i&#039;m walkinhg around in raggy,bloody,patched clothes.and plus they promised i could...<br />
itachi and kisame were at the tea shop and i rushed into some clothing store and bought a black kimono/fighting dress.3 inches above the knees an open v-neck under shirt and some black shinobi boots...<br />
i payed the young woman and while leaving the store i caught a good look at my reflections.I was 13,young yes but surely didn&#039;t look it .deep blue eyes,choppy Maroon long hair.and looks that could make a man very happy i can tell you that...<br />
i wasn&#039;t hideous,I&#039;m not conceited,I know my way around a man and kill him without even taking my blade out...<br />
i went back to the tea shop catching itachi and kisame in time before they left i turned my head slightly and what caught my attention was the raven haired boy that stunningly looked like my master.i was jaw dropped and the moment he looked at me i was snatched violently by kisame and disapperead once more....<br />
<br />
i ask myself if it was the right descision to wonder about that boy,that sasuke...

by KiraXIchiyomeXkiller
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 232
Property: Naruto