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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 11
As Sakura stood at the camping ground she could not believe she let her emotion get the best of her."I can't believe i struck that girl the way I did ,an I could have put Naruto in great danger if we were recognize " she thought. As Naruto approach her an said" are you all right what was that all about? Since i was small everyone always talked about my forehead , I guess I always feel bad about it when someone mention it. As Sakura walked away she could tell that her companions were a little upset with her. As the the ninjas from the Village of the Rock started looking for some sign that the ones who struck the warlords daughter were near they could not wait to catch up ,because they knew that they would win the warlord favor. "Yegor I found some tracks they are heading to the border " said Josui . they won't know what hit them ,these tracks look fresh they may be about an hour away lets hurry it will be close to midnight soon that will make it easier for us said Yegor. As the Rock ninjas rushed at hi- speed they thought of the treasure or reward they would receive for bringing back 4 dead bodies. As Lee went over to talk to Sakura , she still looked upset so Lee went over an said its not that bad its kinda of funny if you ask me. "Nothing funny about putting Naruto in danger i could have exposed us for petty argument as Sakura teared up i need to take a walk , I don't want to be disturbed okay lee by anyone as she walked off. As Sakura walked quite far away all she could think about was the bounty on Naruto"s head ,to be hunted as a rabid wild dog , All of a sudden 2 ninjas appeared with swords an attacked Sakura with out mercy . As they swung their swords they could not connect not even once , both ninjas jumped back . Not bad queen forehead i'm suprized you can move with a 20lb head like that said Josui ."QUEEN FOREHEAD,20LBS HEAD " as Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs . With blinding speed she rush an hit Josui so hard he flew about 15 feet from where he was standing as he hit a tree an knock out completely. "Your some ninja ,what village are you from talk . Yegor had seen how strong she was "I better use a gengestsu on her , HELL OVER MIND JUSTSU , as he made the hand sign an yelled. Sakura stood in a open field unable to move she knew she was caught in a justsu "I'm in your mind said Yegor what happens here happen to your body "he said .Yegor close in on her an punched her a series of times to her head an stomach . Sakura thought she would almost die from this type of torture " only if someone was around to insert their chakra in me I could break free she thought. As Yegor pulled out a sword after, i take your head i'm going after your friends. As Sakura stood their waiting for her fate ,Yegor swung his sword at he neck . Suddenly the sword was caught by a strange looking Sakura dressed blue with violet hair. "WHAT THE HELL "said Sakura an Yegor together . As the strange Sakura turned around to get a better look at the captured Sakura , so you finally realized I'm here in your mind you can call me Arukas" . Sakura looked at her an said Sakura backwards is how you spell your name? Of course I'm you aren't I---------------------------------------------chapter 12 coming soon

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 482
Property: Naruto