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Pranks and Team Hawk
(Setting: Before Killerbee so Juugo’s still the big guy.)<br />
Amegakure, 4.00 p.m<br />
The heavy rain just stopped. The team let their raincoats go.<br />
“Seriously, why’d we have to go to this freaking village just to talk to Chief-Sama??” complained Karin on the way to the “spot”.<br />
“Nee, Sasuke-Kun?” Karin continued.<br />
“Hn.”<br />
Karin just frowned. Almost all the time she got almost no respond every time she flirts. Because of all those things that were going through her mind, she tripped on a stone and fell on a puddle. When she got up, her face was all dirty and rather muddy. Suigetsu laughed like crazy, Juugo grins and Sasuke snickered.<br />
Karin pouted and vowed revenge on Suigetsu at heart, because he was the one who (obviously) laughed the loudest. So while they walked, she scanned her eyes for big puddles. <br />
After a minute, she found one. A VERY big and dirty, muddy one. She tripped Suigetsu immediately and he fell down, yelling “Holy—“while falling. That’s the good news. The bad news is, Suigetsu is behind Sasuke, the distance between them is 4 centimetres and Suigetsu got his hand stretched forward while falling. As a result, Sasuke fell along with Suigetsu. The worse news is (Do you know that stains looked so obvious and clear on white shirts?), Sasuke’s wearing a white shirt.<br />
“Holy shit, dude,” Suigetsu continued.<br />
“Get off me you idiot!” Sasuke yelled.<br />
“OK, OK... but I got tripped,” Suigetsu offended.<br />
“Karin tripped him,” Juugo said plainly.<br />
Karin went “Ehehehehe...” and Sasuke glared at her, thinking “bitch,”<br />
Because it was so unlike him to let the person who piss him off live life in peace for once, this time it’s Sasuke who’s vowing revenge...on Karin. He waited for the right opportunity. And BANG Suigetsu was behind Karin and the distance is sooo right so Sasuke shoved him and (sorry) Suigetsu’s head landed right on Karin’s @$$. Before they knew it, Sasuke started making hand signals, as if telling Juugo to shut up.<br />
When Karin got up, she thought it was Sasuke’s head that landed on her whatsoever, so she hugged and kissed the head owner and pulled away after she felt sharp, shark-like teeth. Immediately she shouted, “PERV!! HENTAIII!!!!” and kicked Suigetsu’s head. “Why is it always meee....” he thought. Both Sasuke and Juugo are laughing like crazy. “Cut it out, guys,” Sasuke said, still laughing while keeping his cool. “We’re going to the leader,” Suigetsu pouted, and he knew that it was Sasuke that shoved him. He vowed revenge at heart, but he thought of a more embarassing way to get him back..but not the shoving prank!<br />
Well, eventually without anything weird happening, they talked to Pain via Konan and were told to rest. At the location...........<br />
Sasuke was washing his shirt (Well the shoving incident.) and Suigetsu got in a bucket full of water and Juugo, not knowing what’s in it, carried the bucket. When Juugo went past Sasuke, Suigetsu popped his face out of the bucket so quickly that Juugo cried “WTF!!???” and dropped the bucket...right on Sasuke’s head. And as you’d guess, Sasuke’s wet all over. But when Suigetsu tried to get out of the place because Sasuke’s yelling at Juugo using sarcastic words, he was busted while on watery form. Juugo and Sasuke looked at each other and nodded. They fetched a pitcher and....<br />
3 hours later....<br />
Karin looked at a table. On it is a glass of hot water. So hot that when Karin took the glass to drink the water, she screamed and dropped the glass. Immediately, Suigetsu popped out, running in circles in the room screaming “Hot! Hot! Hot!”<br />
Again, Sasuke and Juugo laughed like crazy.<br />
Plz message or comment if u want me to continue the craziness of team Hawk or not... XDDDD

by Tsunami_Uchiha_San
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 399
Property: Naruto