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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 12
As Sakura looked at Arukas she wonder what strange writing she had on her head. &quot; Let me take care of our unwanted guests she turned menacingly at the rock ninja .&quot;What are you , how did you stop my sword? Its not possible i&#039;m in control of her mind, I rule her thoughts said Yegor. &quot;Wrong there is no gengestsu that can ever work on her now that she knows I&#039;m present an its time to put you out of her mind. As Arukas darted toward Yegor. With a blink of an eye she threw at least 100 punches an kicks that connected all over Yegor&#039;s body . As he stood there laid out the ground in Sakura&#039;s mind, he couldn&#039;t understand he never heard of any kind of technique that could break justsu of that caliber to overwhelm him completly. Hold still said Arukas as she broke the justsu so Sakura could talk . How is this possible she said? Well i have always been here its just you could never truly pull me out until now when your life was in danger of ending said Arukas . What can you do said Sakura? Well for starters no gengejustsu can ever work on you an i can use our chakra to overwhelm anyone who tries to take over our mind here we ruled completly . How can i access you when I need you said Sakura . Arukas started laughing we have the same mind I&#039;m always present so now you don&#039;t have to be worried about a gengejustsu taking over your mind again.&quot;Now let me release you completly from this justsu , an remember talk to me sometimes I get lonely as she chuckled with a smile . As Sakura woke out of the justsu she seen that the rock ninja was completly out cold.She pulled out some rope an tied both of the ninjas up so they could not escape. As she headed back to the camp ground she still could not believe she had another mind that was the opposite of her ,&quot;can she read all my thoughts an feeling &quot; she wondered ? As she approached the camp Lee was there looking concerned &quot;are you okay he asked? Great said Sakura. I know you feel bad about what happend , but things worked out Naruto an Neji are not mad in fact they could not stop laughing about the incident ,they came looking for you to tell you about it an the way it looked from their point of view&quot; said Lee. Lets go to sleep we have a big day don&#039;t let that stuff weigh in on your mind you only got one so don&#039;t put too much pressure on it said Lee . Sakura burst out laughing so hard it scared Lee , only one mind she said out loud as she walked away still laughing heading into her tent . WHAT THE HELL said Lee ,that actually really creeped me out completly. I&#039;m going to bed too , I wish I knew what was so funny about 1 mind?.--------------------------------------<br />
I had to rewrite this story for some reason 14 publised before 11-13 as i waited for authorization , sorry I will try to get to 16-20 today

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 427
Property: Naruto