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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 12b
As Naruto an his companions approach the border , I wonder if they have border control to stop us? No the rock ninjas can&#039;t spare the ninjas to come this far so they probally have some military perssonel surround the city to keep from attack. Hey I see someone it looks like my friend Kimora , It is hey Kimora-kun said Naruto . Naruto i miss you where have you been said Kimora? I receive you message for help so I came a.s.a.p. . So Naruto-kun are you ready to meet the elder Sugawa he is the one who ask for you personally Naruto-kun . Naruto companions were shock that this young ninja an Naruto were calling each other &quot;kun&quot; as if they were more than friends. Sakura was really looking angry at Naruto &quot; who is she to call him kun&quot;. What if Hinata heard them talking like that how would she take this ? Lets hurry said Kimora we have a lot of planning to go over but first we have to talk to our ANBU jounins. As they reach the camp she gave order to go get the captain , so Naruto did you give any thought to about our engagement ? she said with a grand smile . Well i thought we would wait until we both become hokage said Naruto as he laugh . All of a sudden Neji grabbed Naruto by the collar an said &quot; whaat the hell are you talking about marriage with her for did you forget my cousin the woman you suppose to love &quot; said Neji. Calm down said Naruto we are just having a little fun, &quot; Fun not talking marriage with some woman you barely know&quot;. said Neji . &quot;Hey bright eyes let go of Naruto-kun he is just my friend if you touch him again as she pulled out a sword I will cut out those bright eyes of yours said Kimora. Don&#039;t threaten me because i will make you eat every little word that come out your mouth . Enough said the ANBU . Whats all this about he said . Bright eye over there was attacking Naruto-kun for talking to me . Enough we will handle this later . I wish Jairya was here he could at least stand up to this Pein . I&#039;m his former student said Naruto . What said the captain in disbelief . Neji your my friend you should trust me , you know i love Hinata she is my world . The captain interrupted are you the chosen 1 from Jaiyrai -----------------------------------<br />

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 387
Property: Naruto