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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 15
"Zetsu" why are you back so so said the shadowy figure? The Jinchūriki (tailed beast) and his friends I have been watching them they have become very powerful especially that Jinchūriki. He is about to face Pein again I think he will defeat Pein , the legend may be true of this Jinchūriki he may bring peace to this world what do you think? " He maybe but he can be killed " said the shadowy figure. Go back and tell me if Pein kills this annoying Jinchūriki leave now . As Naruto started walking to the center of the village he could tell that it was aleast 4 watching him ." I better go into sage mode he thought". As he approach the center he seen Pein sitting on the stairs . "Still fighting without a reason I see" said Pein . What are you doing here , why are torturing this village they have been at peace for years or you just want destruction said Naruto ? Peace is just an illusion you still don't relize that do you said Pein. All of sudden one of Pein"s body tried to get behind Naruto with a quick spin Naruto threw 5 kunai in his chest an the threw one at Pein on the stairs . Pein manage to dodge as he stood up an had another body come an attack Naruto from above . As the 3rd Pein came from the air he was kicked by a shadow clone of Naruto , "nicely done said Pein. " Let's see if you can handle all six of me " said Pein . As all of them stood next to the Pein they waited for Naruto to make a move, Naruto pulled out three kunai an hurled them at the two on the outside an the Pein in the middle. Each Pein caught the kunai " you did not even throw it hard , what are you planning said Pein ? Naruto just looked at the Pein in the Middle then without even noticing 3 Naruto clones came an yelled" Rasen Shuriken" (elemental rasengan) as two of the Pein's body felt it come from the back , the middle Pein ducked just in time . "I didn't have time to repel it said Pein to himself". How did he get behind me an what kind of speed an power did he give those clones , they can't be that powerful but they still standing an did'nt disappear after that rasengan. Naruto just stood there an looked at Pein , I learned a few new tricks said Naruto. Pein looked at his bodies they were destroyed on a cellular level they were almost unrecognizeable to him ."I better be careful , he is moving faster an he just took out two bodies some how". As Pein got up he said i too have something knew to show you as Pein looked at Naruto he shouted "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ". Naruto looked at Pein he summoned at least thirty clones an mixed with the Pein clones. Naruto could not believe his eyes there were 33 Pein's surrounding him. Naruto just smiled I see lets get this over with Pein , I have a village to save.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 437
Property: Naruto