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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 17
As Naruto was walking away from Pein he heard &quot;stop&quot; ,Naruto you are in grave danger not from me but the others said Pein.&#039;I may not live this day for telling you this but all that you hold dear they will try to take from you &quot;. &quot;I am powerful but there are two that are more powerful than I an I am sure that since they will hear of my defeat they will defineltly come for you &quot;. Why tell me Pein I thought you just wanted my death ?said Naruto. Only peace if it comes through you I will accept it an follow you blindly if you can keep this generation from ending up like me said Pein. Who are the ones after me said Naruto? &quot; Uchiha&quot; both of them but for diffrent reasons, one wants to destroy the village an see you as an obstacle , the other wants you as a weapon . &quot;Sasuke&quot; &quot;Madara&quot; ? Yes you may have improved but the skills they have are the most frightning I ever witness , this body is about to fade in death you have proven yourself to me, I will try an<br />
have Orgami try to take me to safety but if Nagato my real body is killed by them I&#039;m glad that I was able to help you even if its just a little bit , Farewell Naruto save this world its up to you to bring forth peace said Nagato . As the Deva Pein passed away his companions came forth we saw you defeat him said Lee what was he talking to you about? &quot;Sasuke&quot; said Naruto. There was an uncomfortable silence . Lets go said Sakura we have to talk to Toru Sagawa an his daughter Kimora about this mission . As they headed to see the cheif an leader of the ANBU Naruto could not believe Pein wanted to help him , &quot;Whats his angle ? Is he sincere? Is he trying to get me to let my guard down? As they made it back Kimora rush into Naruto arms your safe she said with a sound of great relief. Naruto looked flushed he couldn&#039;t believe she was actually hugging him so tight an with out any remorse of who was watching. Hhhhmmphh said her father with anger in his eyes of<br />
what Kimora was doing in front of everyone. &quot;Sorry Naruto&quot; she said emberassingly .Pein is defeated I don&#039;t think he will come this way anymore so your safe said Neji, but you need to keep a lookout around the village there was a strange ninja looking around he is a genjustsu master of a high level . Thank you said Toru , Naruto I will becoming to your village in about a month we need to discuss some very important issues with me an your hokage for future beneficial relationship for both villages. Naruto looked at Toru Sagawa what long words just to say we owe you one thought Naruto , but what other buisness does he want to discuss was beyond him . Naruto I will be coming to the village too , will you show me The Leaf Hidden In The Mist said Kimora?. Sure said Naruto. &quot;Great my father will have some great news for you Naruto you will be so surprize when we show up ,I cant wait see ya Naruto said Kimora. All three looked at Naruto with anger , before<br />
all of you jump on me I have to talk to Neji by himself so could you please excuse us for a moment . Lee an Sakura looked at each other an said okay an left Naruto an Neji alone. Neji said Naruto me an Hiashi had a talk about Hinata , about marriage I was going to wait to more years to ask her but this whole mission all I could think of was her . The more I try to wait the more I want her in my life . When I return to the village I&#039;m going to ask Hinata for her hand in marriage said Naruto . Neji mouth hit the ground , &quot;I knew it&quot; as for the first time Naruto could ever recall Neji showing happiness I can&#039;t wait to see her face lets head home right away an wait for Hinata so you tell her . Naruto smiled now all I have to do is tell Lee an Sakura . They maybe mad but your her cousin I had to tell you first sice were going to be relatives now. Neji smiled for Naruto an Hinata future

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 411
Property: Naruto