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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 18
As Lee an Sakura returned the wonder why Neji was smiling gave them a feeling something exciting was about to happen. &quot;WHAT GOING ON TELL US said Sakura ? I&#039;m going to ask Hinata to marry me when I get back home said Naruto. Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs &quot; I&#039;m so happy for you Naruto , Hinata will absulotley faint when you ask her do you know what ring to get her said Sakura? Naruto looked down how am i going to propose when I don&#039;t even have a ring he thought. On the way back we can look for a ring said Lee . Good thinking said Neji lets look in the out skirts of the Village of the Clouds. As they made their way to the outer part of the village they came upon a small antique store . As they walked in everything looked so old an worn out &quot;I don&#039;t think this will do&quot; said Sakura. Then a lil ol lady walked through may I help you she said? Yes I&#039;m looking for a engagement ring said Naruto.The lil old lady looked at Naruto an said I seen you before<br />
or better yet your father . &quot;What &quot;said Naruto . You look just like this man I met about 30 odd years ago he was planning on marrying a young beautiful woman from the Village of Waves. Naruto looked at her ,he heard from Kiba about the name Uzamaki from the land of waves. Yes he had that same spikey gold hair an that goofy smile but was handsome just like you. Excuse me miss said Lee what was the name of the lady he was marrying do you remember both of the names Lee asked? Let me recall his name was ....Min ..MIKASA..MILNOTOS...MINATO ...Thats it Minato the little old lady said . Naruto gasp for air , what about the lady asked Naruto? Didn&#039;t know her name except that she was an Uzamaki from the Village of Waves said the little old lady . He was so nice an friendly he help me plant my yard an he came an help with the chores around here he was very hard to forget his face she said . Everyone was shock Naruto may actually have family but do they know<br />
about him they all thought. Naruto do you want to go to the land of the waves said Neji ? No I will go when I have the time said Naruto. &quot;Here she said look at this ring , as she pulled it out it glowed it a chakra ring it shines no matter what it takes the color of that person chakra if blue or yellow an swirl around the diamond, Everyone looked in awe of this ring &quot;its the most beautiful thing I ever seen said everyone .How much said Naruto ? For you 5,000 yen want it ? Naruto said yeah at that price it basically a steal &quot;are you sure he said? &quot;Yes&quot; take it an marry the woman of your dreams. Naruto smiled thank you he said all misty eyes . &quot;Hinata this ring I give to you will never lose its shine just like my love &quot; he thought. Let&#039;s go home we have students to train an I have a week for Hinata to return so I can give her my ring said Naruto . As they headed out Nauto was eager to get back home to tell everyone an to train his students Shigeru Sawai ,<br />
Venus Ochaya , Shinji Urata the new will of fire will be passed down to these three he thought, that brought pride in him he was to start the flame.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 405
Property: Naruto