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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 20
As Naruto left hokage hall he thought about Kakashi an decided to visist him . As naruto approach Kakashi house he could tell the land an house have not been kept up. "Naruto what a surprize how have you been an how come you don't come visit more often as he smiled". "Well after you retired I thought you would love to have some alone time with you an your books . Kakashi laughed yeah I do read a lot but what brings you by ? I'm training new recruits in 2 days an I was wondering if you could give me advice said Naruto ?. "Bell technique " said Kakashi. It shows if they have teamwork who is headstrong, who is weak , If they can't figure out this simple test they will never make a good ninja said Kakashi . " But we almost fail said Naruto thats a extremely hard test for genin to solve right out of academy I don't want to ruin the dreams by sending them back to the academy ". If you want them to be great ninjas you must make them use their minds if you want them to be average ninjas give them an easy test an see how they do in the real world said Kakashi. Okay the bell test there is , your still wise old man said Naruto. "You age me this way all of the boneheaded things an all of those missions most gave me an heart attack". both naruto an Kakashi laughed hard. Kakashi I know I told my teammates to be silent about this news but I'm asking Hinata for her hand an I want you to stand next to me as my best man. Kakashi looked as if he was going to cry "I would be honored to be your best man Naruto . As they talked for hours Naruto gave a bow an said he needed to get home. As he left Kakashi house a young boy came up to Naruto "give me your money or I take your life" Naruto thought this was a joke the kid looked about 9 years old . Suddenly the lilttle boy attacked with blinding speed Naruto caught the young boy with 2 fingers by the ear , you shouldn't play with kunai said Naruto . The little boy looked amazed how did you do that I move faster than anyone in my class an some ninjas . Naruto looked at the boy it was Shigeru Sawai. Have you lost your mind said Naruto if iI turn you in you want be able to become a ninja . The little boy looked at Naruto please I'm sorry I just wanted to see if I could scare someone to think I was a great ninja thats all the kunai isn't even real just the handle is still . Naruto looked he was telling the truth it was a wooden kunai . Go home an don't ever try that again someone could kill you . The lil boy bowed an apologize , I did it because I seen you kiss Mrs. Hyuuga I got jealous , sorry. I understand but I love her an she loves me you shouldn't come between that go home we will meet again said Naruto , Shigeru ran all the way home but Naruto he just enjoyed the long walk home.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 455
Property: Naruto