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Pranks and Team Hawk 2: Poisonous Gas
“Ah-choo!”<br />
“Stop sneezing...”<br />
“Ah-choo!”<br />
“Did you hear me?”<br />
“Ah-choo!”<br />
“Are you DEAF!?”<br />
“Ah-choo! Shut up! This is because of you, you idiot! Ah-choo!” Sasuke yelled.<br />
“Oh yeah. Thanks to you, my pants got burned on the @$$.” Suigetsu offended.<br />
Remember when a bucket full of water hit Sasuke’s head and Suigetsu became hot water and Karin dropped the glass on my previous fanfic, “Pranks and Team Hawk”? <br />
“Shit, my head hurts,” Sasuke complained.<br />
“Did you forget anything since that bump?” Juugo said plainly.<br />
“Juugo! Quit being fucking lazy and help me over here!” Karin yelled while unscrewing the mess, picking up glass shards.<br />
“Okay,” Juugo answered.<br />
He picked up a glass shard near where Sasuke is sitting and accidentally crushed it. Sasuke sneezed and the “glass-dust” flew towards Juugo’s eyes.<br />
“AAAHHH!!!” Juugo screamed. Strangely, he screamed like a girl. Soon enough, he ran around like crazy and kicked: Karin’s @$$, Suigetsu’s face and Sasuke’s stomach.<br />
Inner Karin: “What’s with my @$$?!”<br />
“Omigod....omigod....” Juugo said, panting while rubbing his eyes and then, he opened them and squealed: “I CAN SEE! OMIGOD I CAN SEE!” and ran around screaming “I CAN SEE I CAN SEE OMG LOLZ LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL” and stepped on Suigetsu’s foot.<br />
“Aargh!” Suigetsu yelled in pain.<br />
Sasuke laughed for just 5 seconds because his stomach hurts.<br />
“Oww, this is shit!” complained Suigetsu.<br />
Suddenly, Karin farted. A loud one. Everyone heard it.<br />
‘Shit, this smells like fuckin’ shit!” Again, Suigetsu complained.<br />
“Of course! Shit smells like shit! And THIS is SHIT!” Sasuke commented.<br />
Juugo fainted and his big body fell towards Karin who farted once more. And because it stinks A LOT and it’s REALLY loud, Juugo regained his conciousness immediately and fainted again because the stink was like OMFG.<br />
“Fuck this!” Suigetsu yelled.<br />
“God!” Sasuke zipped his shirt up to the maximum.<br />
“Man, I’m gonna get some aromatherapy after all this crap,” Suigetsu said, covering his face with his Akatsuki cloak.<br />
“Not some. A lot..Ah-choo!” Sasuke responded, doing the same to his face.<br />
“Duuude...you need tissue..” Suigetsu said.<br />
Karin and Juugo are both out cold.<br />
Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.<br />
“DON’T OPEN!!!!” yelled both Sasuke &amp; Suigetsu.<br />
The door-knocker opened anyway and it was Madara.<br />
“Madara-San, don’t...” Sasuke was cut off. He fainted.<br />
“STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLOSE THE DOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!” Suigetsu yelled.. then fainted.<br />
Madara sniffed, screamed “FUCK!!!” and slammed the door before running like Sonic The Hedgehog.<br />
30 minutes later....<br />
Suigetsu woke up first.<br />
“Ahhh....fresh airrr............”<br />
Sasuke woke up seconds later and saw Suigetsu.<br />
“Suigetsu? Are we dead?” he asked, still stunned with the stink before.<br />
But the feared thing happened. Karin farted AGAIN, STINKIER and LOUDER.<br />
“Yes, we will die. We will. OK, I confess. I am gay and I want you to marry me,” Suigetsu said.<br />
“Dude, you are so dead Suigetsu...” Sasuke responded.<br />
“I lied,”<br />
They laid down, waiting for death.

by Tsunami_Uchiha_San
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 488
Property: Naruto