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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 22
As the three young genin arrived at the training complex on time they could hardly sleep last night because of stress on what their sensei had planned for them. What can he possibly do to us he can&#039;t kill us were only 9 years old said Shinji . I don&#039;t know he expects excellence after all there not a person in the village who don&#039;t know him said Venus . &quot;I seen him move he like the wind fast an everywhere when I came at him with the kunai he removed it from me without even trying said Shigeru . &quot; YOU CAME WITH A KUNAI AT OUR SENSEI said Shinji an Venus together. Well lets just wait for Naruto to come said Shigeru . <br />
Where the hell is he they all yelled , its 11:30 an he didn&#039;t even show they said in anger . Wait said Shigeru thats him coming now . WHAT TOOK SO LONG they demanded . Over slept said Naruto well shall we get down to business , I have two bells you must each try to take them from me . You can come at me with the intent to kill you can use any weapon of choice you have to 1pm to get the bells from me said Naruto. This will be a breeze said Venus an Shinji . Naruto knew he had to get them to think under pressure &quot; weakest dogs bark the loudest I have nothing to fear said Naruto . All of sudden Shinji an Venus came at Naruto with kunais .Naruto moved so quick he caught both kunais an had Shinji on the ground with one foot an had Venus by the arm holding the kunai by her head ,&quot; I didn&#039;t say start yet said Naruto . Shigeru could not believe it he didn&#039;t see any movement from Naruto at all an he unarmed them just like a couple of days age when he tried to confront Naruto, we can&#039;t get those bells from him he&#039;s too good we aren&#039;t that skilled to do it thought Shigeru .I see you have guts said Naruto to Shinji an Venus , but you need more than that , I&#039;m starting to like you brats you came to fight so lets begin shall we .The rules who efver gets a bell can have lunch the other who don&#039;t get tied up an watch me eat my lunch an the loser goes back to the academy . WAIT said Venus what if no one can get the bells ? You all go back to school said Naruto. All three looked stunned . But there is only 2 bells said Shinji , so no matter what one will go back. Thats right said Naruto , lets start now &quot;GO&quot; said Naruto an they were off in a flash.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 515
Property: Naruto