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Akatsuki's Unforgettable Anniversary Celebration Part 1
(Setting: After “Pranks and Team Hawk 2: Poisonous Gas”)<br />
Madara was back inside Akatsuki’s domain, panting.<br />
“Wassup? Didn’t you tell me you’d bring pretty boy and the gang?” asked Kisame, holding a tape while standing on a wobbling ladder.<br />
“Wassup? Didn’t you tell me that the preparation’s gonna be done when I’m here?” Madara offended.<br />
“The only ones available are me &amp; Zetsu. Plus, Zetsu’s got NO HANDS!” Kisame responded, “Why can’t you drag ‘em here?”<br />
“There’s poisonous gas there, plus everyone fainted,” Madara answered.<br />
“Aaaahhhhh!!!! If things continue on, leader-Sama and his wife or whatsoever won’t get any surprises in this cheer-up party-WACK!!” Kisame was cut off because he fell off along with the ladder.<br />
BAM!<br />
Madara let out a sigh and sat on Kisame’s back. He remembered the last Akatsuki anniversary. The best anniversary ever...<br />
~Flashback<br />
“Deidara-Sempaiiii!!!!!!!”<br />
“What?”<br />
“Is the piñata done???”<br />
“Uh-huh, hey Tobi, stop yelling!”<br />
“OK. Piñata, check!”<br />
“But, Tobi, is that shape a good idea? Leader-Sama will whack us for this...”<br />
“Sure it is! No piñata’s better than THE “Leader-Sama Kissing Konan-San” shaped piñata by THE one &amp; only Deidara-Sempai!” Tobi (Madara) squealed.<br />
“Uhh, thanks,” Deidara walked away, flattered. One minute later, there were hysterical voices: “MY ART IS THE BEST!!”<br />
Tobi walked towards Itachi. <br />
“Itachi-San, is the tart ready?”<br />
“Yep. As crunchy and as special as ever! I baked it with Amaterasu!”<br />
“Can I see it?”<br />
“Uhh, Kisame’s putting out the fire..”<br />
Suddenly, an empty fire extinguisher tube carrying Kisame got out of the pantry, full of white gunk, and his hair got burned, plus he smelled like fried fish.<br />
“KISAME!?!?” Screamed Itachi &amp; Tobi.<br />
“Well, I put out the fire...plus I added some cream to it...hopefully leader-Sama likes cream cake.....uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...” Kisame fell down, coughing, smoke coming out of his mouth each time he coughed.<br />
BAM! CLANG!<br />
“Kisameeee..............” Itachi threw himself at Kisame, weeping in a “Juliet Mourning for Romeo” position.<br />
Tobi got in the pantry and looked at the tart. It looked like a cream mountain. His face turned pale and he tried a slice.<br />
“Holy crap, it tastes like fire extinguisher!”<br />
He raked out the “cream” and saw that the cake is all black. He tasted the creamless cake and it tasted like ebony.<br />
“Eww, gross!”<br />
Then, he fetched a sack of sugar (The white one, usually for donuts) and in a minute, the cake looked like a wedding cake.<br />
“Cake, fixed!” Tobi came out of the pantry, his Akatsuki cloak &amp; hair white all over.<br />
Tobi walked towards Kakuzu.

by Tsunami_Uchiha_San
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 498
Property: Naruto