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after 16 years naruto uzamaki has been fighting with the strongest ninja&#039;s in the world, konoha became very powerfull... but all of that change after ND-day...(wich means naruto&#039;s death-day)<br />
<br />
it was the day were naruto deafeted pein but after few more days....&quot;grandma sundue....&quot; said naruto &quot;yes&quot; said the fith hokage &quot;i think it&#039;s time I...&quot; said naruto &quot;time for you to what?&quot; said the fith hokage &quot;go after saskue!&quot; said naruto &quot;what!!!???.... are you mad? dont you think its a bit to early?&quot;said the fith hokage&quot;NO!!!!!!!... in fact for 3 years i have never went after saskue&quot; said naruto &quot;but...&quot; said the fith hokage &quot;no buts!!&quot; said naruto, naruto then quickly jump out of the hokage&#039;s office and head to the woods<br />
<br />
CHAPTER 2<br />
&quot;here i come saskue..&quot; said naruto<br />
<br />
<br />

by coolskull1
Written: 5 years ago
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