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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 23
As Naruto looked at his students disappeared in the woods he could tell that they hid excellently in the background. "HHMMM said Naruto I better makes some clones to help me find them , so Naruto walked into the woods so his students could not see him an made 6 clones as they spread across the training facility . "Shinji we can't beat him up front said Venus , we need a plan ."Noway I'm working with you I'll do the hard work an you will take the bell an I will have to go back to the academy said Shinji. "Well what do you suggest than mister to smart to listen to me? said Venus. " A trap but we need bait maybe we should find Shigeru an maybe all three of us might can take him long enough to get a bell . I don't know I don't want to use him like that , he is our teammate Shinji . Well let's try an take it one one with him , we can't find find him anyway said Shinji.As a shadow clone over heard everything he headed back toward the original body. I can't wait to beat my sensei he think he is so cool , I just have to be faster than him thats all, I will lay a trap where he can't use that speed of his thought Shigeru. Another shadow clone was over the small genin an the shadow clone disappeared ."Well at least I know where they are at said Naruto let me make an appearance an see their skills"said Naruto looking disappointed that his students don't trust each other an don't believe in team work . Shinji was building a trap when Naruto appeared an said " what are you catching rabbits because I'm to big to fit in that ". Shinji turned around an said I got you now all of a sudden two branches came an lifted Naruto in the air as he hung upside down Shinji said "your not that great i caught you so simple you should be ashamed of yourself as Shinji laughed hard . Whats so funny " as Shinji turned around to see were that voice came from." YOU ,HOW WHEN , WHERE ? said Shinji . "Shadow clone said Naruto . Shinji attacked Naruto with a kunai swinging at Naruto hoping to him at least once , all of a sudden Shinji made a hand sign "water style justsu water dragon style" said . Naruto could not believe his eyes do this genin knows that justsu ? As the justsu came out it was weak an could not hold form, Shinji looked exhausted as if he was about pass out . Rule number one never use a ninjustsu that you can't master it leaves you open to attack by your enemies. Naruto tied up Shinji Now for Venus . Venus was watching from a distant well Shinji I told you to help me now your caught she said out loud. "You too said a voice from behind." Venus turned around very slowly how did you get here that quick she said? Venus ran to her sensei an suddenly fell down a hole . Rule 2 . genjustsu watch for everything an everybody said Naruto. Naruto knew he wasn't good at genjustsu but it was easier convering up the hole with a henge. "LET ME OUT DAMMIT I'M SUPPOSE TO ACE THIS , I SUPPOSE TO BE THE GREATEST she screamed at the top of her lungs almost blowing her sensei ears out. Now Shigeru said Naruto , as he heard direction from his clone he followed were his student might be . Alright teach I seen you take them out but me I'm a different story . Shigeru through three smoke bombs at Naruto an disappeared , Naruto started laughing if your going to hide with a henge at least don't make it noticeable the ground is a different color than the grass said Naruto .Naruto jump on the off colored dirt an a net flew up an caught him , "Ha I'm right here I did that to throw you off said Shigeru feeling proud . "I know said a voice from behind " Shigeru passed out in fear from his sensi voice . Wow said Naruto heart of a lion this one is as he gathered up his student to bring back with the others.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 595
Property: Naruto