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Naruto: THE JOUNIN YEARS part 24
His students looked so stunned that neither of them wanted to talk. "So do you know your mistakes said Naruto? "Yeah we can't beat you its not fair there is no way we can get those bells your a jounin were just genin" said Venus . " we just got out of the academy your suppose to train us not torture us were just kids said Shigeru . " your smarter faster stronger , you know more justsu's than us all combined said Shinji ",Its not fair at all. Naruto shook his head , its not about me knowing being faster stronger or knowing more justsu ,its about teamwork , as he released all three. "TEAMWORK" they yelled at Naruto. "Yes, with three you could have over powered me an took the bells or made a very good plan to take at least one of the bells if you use team work but you distrusted your own comrade an refuse to help when you seen that one of your group was in trouble. You worked alone when you couyld use each other for strength an courage to combat me but you didn't you went alone an you were all defeated easily by me ". I'm sending all of you back to the academy right now said Naruto . "Wait they all said, we will do better but were starving an we will use team work said Shigeru an Venus. Shinji looked an said they are in my way why should I do better by myself . Naruto grabbed Shigeru quickly an said " Venus kill Shinji or Shigeru dies now . Venus almost passed out what , an Shinji turn so pale you could see his veins in his body . Naruto looked at his student you will be put in situations like this when you will teamwork if you killed Shinji , I would have killed Shigeru an I would have killed you., but if you didn't kill him the two could have stop me from killing Shigeru an maybe saved his life . Trust in your friends said Naruto ,I'm going to give you one more chance, Shinji an Venus you can eat my lunch over their ,Shigeru since you fainted you watch them eat an if you feed Shigeru you all go back to the academy. I'll be back in an hour said Naruto . As they started to eat they felt bad for their friend , here said Venus eat real quick we need your strength, no I can't said Shigeru I can't jeopardize you from becoming a ninja . Yeah said Shinji we can't break the rules do you want to go back to school ? He is our team mate we need him so let him eat half of mine you will be okay if I get caught I'll take the blame said Venus.

by puremosley2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 575
Property: Naruto