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Akatsuki's Unforgettable Anniversary Celebration Part 2 FIXED
“Kakuzu-San, is the present done?”<br />
“Almost,” he said, while sewing a black shirt. On it were the words, “Akatsuki Leader Sama” in big red letters, and above the words were another sentence: “Don’t fuck with me”.<br />
“Temo (But), Kakuzu-San, it’s more like a nightdress. Too big for a shirt...”<br />
“DON’T F*CK WITH ME!” Kakuzu yelled, “Almost done!!”<br />
“Okay,” Tobi said dryly, walking towards Hidan.<br />
“Hidan-Saan... are you ready for the prayer?”<br />
“OK, just one more minute...” Hidan replied, taking a blade off his chest, finishing the Jashin ritual, “Yup, I am now!”<br />
Tobi ran towards Zetsu, who was in charge of preparing the sandwiches.<br />
“Ah, here you are, Tobi. Well, I need just one more piece of lettuce...OW! TOBI!”<br />
“Sandwiches, check!” He said cheerfully after he put a chunk of Zetsu’s green thingy on the last sandwich.<br />
“EVERYONE READY??? I CAN’T HOLD ‘EM MUCH LONGER!” Tobi yelled, his hand pushing a door.<br />
“READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” yelled the group.<br />
Tobi pulled away and out came God Realm (Pain) and Konan.<br />
“SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY AKATSUKI ANNIVERSARYYY!!!!” yelled Tobi, Itachi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Zetsu and a burned but conscious Kisame.<br />
“WTF??” questioned a surprised Konan.<br />
“I will start the prayer!” Hidan hollered. “!@#%^^&amp;^*&amp;*&amp;**^^%*(A language unable to translate) !@$%&amp;^&amp;$^$%#@$^%&amp;^&amp;*&amp;**^&amp;%^$%#%&gt;&gt;&gt;:”:”P:....Done praying!!”<br />
The group looked like O.O<br />
The party started. Itachi sang “Doncha (Pussycat Dolls)” and danced, following the rhythm; Kisame’s bathing in cold water, Deidara ran shouting “MY ART...IS THE BE~ST!” , Hidan is in a room doing his ritual, Kakuzu’s bandaging Zetsu, while Tobi’s guiding both God realm &amp; Konan.<br />
“Here are the sandwiches! We made it ourselves!” said Tobi happily.<br />
“Thank God, I haven’t eaten since morning,” Konan said, taking one sandwich (The one with Zetsu’s green limb) and took a bite. <br />
“It’s thank Jashin!” came Hidan’s voice from a room.<br />
But after that, she ran towards a nearby sink and threw up, then came back to God Realm’s side and followed Tobi, who led them towards the cake.

by Tsunami_Uchiha_San
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 463
Property: Naruto