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Kakashi's Diary. pt. 1
Day 1: Today is the day that I finally get to see Make-Out Paradise The Movie. And after that I&#039;m going on a C-Rank mission with my team, just Naruto and Sakura. I must admit they have become powerful ninja.<br />
<br />
Day 2: I got to see the movie and i fell in love with th movie I didn&#039;t even blink. Ahhhh I&#039;m so glad Jiraya made the book and the fabulous movie. And the mission with Naruto and Sakura turned out to be quite hard. I&#039;m still in the middle of the mission. This mission is pretty easy for me but not as easy for my team. So far some of the houses were burned but no casulties.<br />
<br />
Day 3: We finnaly finshed the mission. Naruto was escorted to the Leaf Village Hospital. The leader of these rouges we were fighting kicked Naruto that left a not major cut but he lost some of his blood and fainted. I still don&#039;t get why he had to go to the hospital, he didn&#039;t lose alot of blood. Time to get Make-Out Paradise 4.<br />
<br />
<br />
P.M. me if you like it and i will make more. bye

by sharinganmaster88
Written: 5 years ago
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Property: Naruto