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The Day It All Happened! (part 1)
One fine day when Naruto was walking down the beautiful streets of Konoha,he realized that they were completely empty.He thought to himself,**He where did every body go?**As he walked it seemed,like while Naruto was on his mission to propose to Sakura ,there must&#039;ve been a war or something like the Anbu Black-ops from maybe the Hidden Mist must&#039;ve been on a stealth mission to kill everyone in Konoha.(You might be thinking Naruto is too dumb to think all of this.But I tell you this Naruto in Shippuden is this wise and intelligent.)Anyway, as he walked ,he started to think of his friends who were killed without even knowing it.As he shed those tears ,suddenly an enormous amount of red Nine-tailed fox chakra started to seep out of his body.In a matter of seconds he had already formed eight-tails.at that moment,the Fourth(Hokage)appeared inside Naruto.This time without letting the Fourth say one word,he screamed out loud &quot;Stay out of this!!If you think I&#039;m gonna let fix the seal again,then you&#039;re wrong.&quot; The Fourth quickly responded and said &quot;Who said anything about fixing your seal?&quot; **Huh?** Naruto thought.&quot;I can understand your feelings.This time i will let you do whatever you want.&quot;As the Fourth said that Naruto let out all his anger and sadness and sent a wave like no other and went full Nine-tailed fox.Then after letting the Bijou out he went mad started to destroy everything in sight.Just then something big leapt out of the trees and landed in front of Naruto.It was Gamabunta with Jiraiya.Naruto being in fox mode could not recognise him.Thinking he was an enemy fired a powerful wave at him.As Gamabunta jumped to dodge it Naruto stretched his Nine-tailed hand and grabbed him.-----------------------<br />
see part 2 where Naruto burns Jiraiya alive.

by samo11
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 559
Property: Naruto