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Battle Royale: Mangekyo Vs Mangekyo pt.1
Itachi had been heading towards the hidden leaf village to capture Naruto and the kyubbi. On this mission, he had the assistance of his partner, Kisame. They had just reached the gate when the anbu assaulted them. Kisame easily wiped them out using Giant water excavation jutsu. While Kisame was fighting the rest of the anbu squad calmly proceeded towards the village. Right as soon as he got past the gate, he saw Kakashi. "itachi, its been a while, but if you ask me, not long enough. Itachi spoke nothing and looked straight at kakashi's eyes and while doing so, he activated the mangekyo sharingan. " You aren't the only one who can do that, MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!" Kakashi closed then opened his sharingan eye, and there, was the all new sharingan. Itachi, before kakashi could even blink, calmly said" Hello Sasuke, it has been a while. Then out of nowhere, appeared sasuke, in his eyes, the star shaped mangekyo.

by abbashyugga
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 607
Property: Naruto