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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A fearsome team is born.<br />
<br />
It all started on Friday 13th.It was a dark, rainy night when Shiru killed his family, because he wanted to test the limits of his abilities. Now, he is the only survivor of his clan. He searches all over the Death Country, seeking power.<br />
There are rumors, that during the &quot;Great War&quot; between the countries, an evil spirit named &quot;Oujou&quot; appeared on the face of the Earth. Oujou is a mysterious dark energy, that will destroy everything on it&#039;s way. They say that he cannot be killed by any living creature. His only weakness is the sunlight, so that&#039;s why he only moves at night. There was someone that sacrificed his own life in order to seal Oujou into a magic wall. If the wall is broken, the spirit will come out and maybe even destroy mankind.<br />
When Shiru became 17, something happened. There was an earthquake that caused a crack in the magic wall. But even with the crack, Oujou couldn&#039;t escape, and then...<br />
Someone named Misaki Nakamura used a powerful technique called the &quot;Orengan&quot; to remove the seal that is protecting the wall. Then he made the crack larger and larger and soon...The wall was broken and Oujou was free again! But he couldn&#039;t survive in his real form, because he can only use his power, kill or even breathe only when there&#039;s no sunlight. That is why he used a forbidden technique and took over Shiru&#039;s body. Oujou controls Shiru&#039;s mind and body like a puppet. However, when the sun is very bright, Shitu can suppress the spirit&#039;s power, but only for a while, because he is nowhere near a match for the power of a spirit, that strong.<br />
Even Misaki still isn&#039;t good enough to beat Oujou&#039;s &quot;dark style”, but Oujou will probably lose against the Orengan. That is why Misaki and Oujou now work as a team.<br />
At day, Misaki does what&#039;s necessary, and at night-Oujou. When it&#039;s cloudy and there&#039;s no sunlight, they work together. Their goal is to bring suffering to everything alive, and even destroy the Earth. But to use his true power, Oujou needs to be in his real form. That mean&#039;s he has to leave Shiru&#039;s body, but if he does, he cannot use it gain. Oujou can just take another body when the sunlight appears, but not all bodies are strong enough to take the spirit&#039;s power.<br />
Many people have tried to assassinate this fearsome team, but they all died. No one even managed to touch them. They will destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way. They are cold-blooded, merciless and strong. Everything that is touched by Oujou&#039;s &quot;dark energy” dies. And Misaki&#039;s Orengan has never been defeated before. It is a legendary eye-technique that only a few people posses. It can turn into dust anything that sees for less than half a second. It can also remove any kind of seals (the seal removed and destroyed from the magic wall).The Orengan keeps many more secrets, but only those who posses it can know them.<br />
Misaki and Oujou may be the strongest of all, but will they reach they&#039;re goal and control the world? Will there be someone strong enough to stop them? Next chapter:<br />
Enter: Takahashi Jin.

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 616
Property: Naruto