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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - The Hunt is on<br />
<br />
There is a knock on the door of Jin&#039;s room. (Knock, knock...) <br />
Jin: &#039;Huh, is it morning?&#039;<br />
Jin wakes up and walks toward the door. <br />
Jin: &#039;Oh, Sensei? What&#039;s the matter?&#039; *<br />
/ * After the battle Mao led against everyone in the village and the soul transferring, the Takahashi clan was massacred. Jin is the last successor. Although Jin&#039;s soul is in her sister&#039;s body, she was still unable to fight well and to control Guren completely. A person named Shouta became her teacher. He has lost his family during the Great War &amp; Jin remains him of his daughter so he accepts her as his own daughter. He is probably the only person Jin can completely trust. /<br />
Shouta: &#039;Come on, Jin! Have you forgotten? You&#039;ve got a mission. As your teacher, I have to train you. You know, our enemies are not easy to handle at all.... And&#039;<br />
Jin: &#039;I know, I know. Just wait a minute.&#039;<br />
After a minute...<br />
Shouta: &#039;Have you recovered from your injuries?&#039;<br />
Jin: &#039;I&#039;m fine. I&#039;ll handle it.&#039;<br />
Shouta: &#039;Now, about you mission. You know, it won&#039;t be easy at all. First of all, you said these guys were pretty tough, but we don&#039;t know anything about their abilities. The only thing we know is that their team hasn&#039;t been defeated by anyone yet. We have to be prepared for the worst. And after that night (Mao&#039;s rebellionnnnnnnn :D ) the villagers have had no trust in you. They believe you&#039;re the one who has to continue the fight against The Fallen Souls, but after the ritual, the massacre caused by Mao , your sister and the appearance of these mysterious guys... It&#039;s not the same as before, is it?&#039;<br />
Jin: &#039;That&#039;s right. However, whether they believe in me or not, that won&#039;t change the fact that the evil team from that day will appear again. I just can&#039;t forget these eyes of him. (referring to Misaki) That dark day, I saw a big desire for destruction in them. These guys are not normal, they are not humans.&#039;<br />
Meanwhile, Jin &amp; Shouta got to the meadow where they usually hold the trainings. <br />
Jin: &#039;Shall we begin, Sensei? Gur.... (en xd)’<br />
Shouta: Hold on a sec. Let me introduce you to the person who will accompany you through the mission. I guess, you didn&#039;t think you would deal with everything by yourself, did you? Well, this is Hanako...<br />
Jin(surprised): &#039;Hanako... The Third Chosen*... From the noble clan Sumiko...And owner of The Great Medallion*<br />
Hanako (cheerful xd): &#039;Well, nice to meet you, Jin&#039;<br />
<br />
* The Chosen are thirteen. The first is the strongest and the thirteenth is the weakest. They all have weapons by which they fight The Fallen Souls.<br />
* The Great Medallion is the weapon of Sumiko Hanako (I haven&#039;t decided which gender the character&#039;ll be xd ). It allows Hanako to use the power of the nature - wind, fire and water. However, she/he can&#039;t use it in inappropriate conditions.(e.g. fire in rainy days xd ). When she/he uses T.G.M. the symbol of this element appears in the medallion.<br />
*Each weapon can be used by only one person (A Chosen)

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
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