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Naruto Shippuden Akatski life
Sauske wakes up one morning and notoces that pain is gone he walks in and says to madara wheres pain and the he says he went to go destroy the leaf village sauske outraged screams without me Madara then says woah woah woah calm down he said once he comes back with the nine tails then you can help but this is his part alone Sauske then says o he then sits down and eats some cereal but just can`t help but have the thought of the leaf being destroyed and he`s not helping them then Kisame says i hope you`re not thinking of betraying us like that because if you do we`ll kill you Sauske says no its just i wonder if i ever should`ve left the leaf with the fact knowing the truth about my brother then kisame confused says what are you talking about and before sauske can get another word out madara covers his mouth and says nothing sauske just a little dizzy from the morning excitment sauske can i see you in the back says madar whats wrong with you i told you not to tell these people sauske then says i thought they knew madara says i never said that and while they were arguing zetsu overhears them say something very intersting <br />
<br />
What did sauske say so interesting <br />
how will zetsu react<br />
will madara have to kill sauske <br />
<br />
Find next time on Naruto Shippuden Akatski life

by NarutoKhirey2
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 643
Property: Naruto