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Sword of the Heavens 2: The Dark Stranger Returns - Part 2
Looked like over a thousand men were walking towards my village, but wait ‘remember about tomorrow’ she meant the big move every 5 years we have to move because of the invasion, I totally forgot about it. As I was standing there around this immense atmosphere and over this gruelling army of men I wondered why they would come to the village in the first place, then it hit me like an arrow hits its target, among that gruelling army of men was the sword…the Sword of the Heavens.<br />
<br />
With that I jumped off the wall and glided down the wall like a sparrow gliding down a tall oak. One of the guards noticed me and alerted the other troops, with that the archers started there bows, but the arrows were different, I could feel the life essence seeping from the arrows, if one of them hit me I was done for. As the arrows went flying into the sky I unsheathed my sword and started to let loose my life essence through the sword, the arrows were coming near but it’s was useless the arrows couldn’t hit me because I didn’t let them, I blocked all the arrows with one swing of my sword, as I swung my sword the arrows fell and the blast almost took out a quarter of the army, even if they were life essence arrows they still had no effect, it was surprising, and the out of nowhere the leader of the troops pulled out the Sword of the Heavens, I could do nothing, but wait for my demise.<br />
<br />
But suddenly a stranger appeared in black and grabbed me, we both vanished. We appeared 2 miles out the village, which I then saw with my own eyes destroyed with one slash of the Sword of the Heavens, but my village (meaning the villagers) were all out of the village so it was alright, but I was wondering more about who the stranger was instead of who’s got the Sword of the Heavens, the stranger rose up and to my surprise looked liked the guy from before who wanted the sword, I shouted out, “Who are you!”……there was no reply…“I said who the hell are you!” the stranger just looked at me in a strange way and turn as to run away, “Don’t leave, and at least tell me your name,” the stranger surprisingly replied, “Zeon” and with that he left, now there was just me and my sword.<br />
<br />
I know how powerful the ‘Sword of the Heavens’ is and I know I need to get it from that man, but just how am I going to do it is the question entirely for one I have no idea where the troop has gone next and for two I have no idea where my village went, so what am I going to do…hmm…then it hit me, there’s a small town a few miles away from the village, I’ll go there, they will have information about the army for sure.<br />
<br />
The road to the town is not a very long one but interesting one indeed with it’s peaceful atmosphere and beautiful fields I forget that an army could of even gone down here, you may think the army would of gone to the town, but they wouldn’t, the army only goes to big cities or if it can find them ‘Hidden Villages’, a small town is pointless to raid. I finally reached the town and it was as you say really small, about two houses and an inn. What’s the point of calling it a town? I looked at the sign and it read ‘Chippoke Toshi’ which is if I’m correct is Japanese for ‘Tiny Town’, which in my opinion hits the nail on the head.

by EzoAkatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 485
Property: Naruto