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Sword of the Heavens 2: The Dark Stranger Returns - Part 3
I entered the town, or should I say Chippoke, town to me is incorrect so I’ll call it Chippoke, I walked up to the inn door, it read ‘All welcome’ so I guess I’m welcome, I entered the inn and it was ancient inside, worn out walls and moss growing on them to, must be an old place, then out of nowhere there was a outburst, “Welcome to Chippoke Toshi, would you like to stay the night?” shouted the old lady from behind the counter, “No…thank you…but I’m looking for information” I said while gasping for air, that scared me half to death that did, “Ah, I see then I’m not the person your looking for then sonny,” said the old woman with a smirk, “Oh, then who is…oh and my name is Leo, I forgot to introduce myself,” “Oh that’s fine sonny, my name is Furui and the ‘man’ your looking for is Waizu, he’s the wise one around here,” said the old lady confidently, if I’m correct Furui means ancient and Waizu means Wise (no surprises there) “Thanks Furui, where does he live?” “He lives with his daughter in the second house of this village,” said Furui, “Thanks, bye”<br />
<br />
I walked out of the inn to find Waizu and I wondered which house is the second? There are two houses but no numbers, what to do…I’ll just try a house and see, yeah, I tried the house on the left first, I walked up to the door and knocked, a guy answered, “Hello how may I be of service?” said the stranger, “I’m looking for Waizu” I replied, “Ah yes Waizu lives across from here, that house,” the man pointed toward the opposite house, “Okay thanks” I ran over to the other house and thought to myself while running, everyone in Chippoke seems to be very nice, I came up to the house and knocked, a beautiful girl opened the door, I couldn’t help but blush and she did the same, before I could say anything a man shouted out, “Close the door, your letting a draft in!” “Sorry father - would you like to come in?” said the girl, “Sure” I walked in and found that the house was…well tatty, worn out, corroded and smelly. “Would you like a drink?” said the girl, “No thank you,” It was interesting that this girl was being so welcoming towards me, she must not get many visitors, but then again she was blushing constantly and I blushed every time I looked at her, “Karei! Get here now!” shouted the man who shouted before, “Yes father – would you like to meet my father, he is very wise” said the girl, as we walked down the corridor to her father’s room I asked, “By chance is your father Waizu?” “Yes, he is known as the wise man of the demon country” replied the girl, “Good; I need to talk to him my name is Leo Akatsu, by the way,” she gave a (I finally know) look at me, “My name is Karei!” she shouted out. If I’m correct Karei means Beauty and she is very beautiful.

by EzoAkatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
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