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Sword of the Heavens 2: The Dark Stranger Returns - Part 4
We finally got to the room and I found Waizu covered up in bandages and they were blood-stained too. “Who is this?” Waizu burst out with, “His name is-” “Well stranger, what do you want?” Karei stepped back and walked out of the rooms with her head down. “My name is Leo Akatsu-” “The legendary soldier of Heaven?” “Yes” “I thought I knew who you were” “I have come seeking information about the Sword, it has fallen into the hands of-” “Don’t worry about the sword, it’s pointless to search for it,” the conversation went on for a while we laughed, we grew angry together and we wondered together, he told me how the man who took the sword is not one to be messed with and if I want to retrieve it for myself I should train hard and then go for it, he also said that Zeon, the man who saved me, is the man who originally created the Sword, and his saying that has gone down in generations ‘How does one exist if there’s no hope for those around them?’. Finally he asked me a favour, “Sure I’ll do anything, you gave me valuable information, and I must repay you,” “Then take my daughter, please, make a women out of her, please, before I could reply Karei came bursting in saying, “Yes, Yes” I was shocked but happy, thrilled was she, it was like she never wanted to be there in the first place, I don’t blame her.<br />
<br />
She packed her things up and we left, leaving the distasteful man behind, I didn’t really like them, we hit the road, travelling to find the Sword of the Heavens, I took a good look at the girl, she was thin, dark haired and pale faced, she wore damp quite revealing clothes, and had very beautiful eyes. “Leo…” said Karei, “Yeah Karei,” “Will you…it’s doesn’t matter,” mumbled Karei. She was very strange but I like her, and then something happened which shocked me…a lot, she dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of my leg, “Thank you…” “What!!” “I wanted to leave that house for ages now, and then you came,” “No problem” I was blushing and something else was happening but let’s not go into detail, so she wanted to leave the house for ages. I grabbed her hands, pulled her up and said “Karei, no worries, I’m the guy looking after you now” she was surprised, and she fell into my arms, our eyes met and we were about to kiss when an explosion went off. “What was that” I said, I stood up Karei and told her to follow me.<br />
<br />
The explosion was from a nearby lake, Lake Osoro Shii, Osoro Shii means Fearful, and so Lake Fearful is properly better. When we came closer to the lake, something was wrong – there was ash and ice everywhere, fire and water techniques must of be preformed, but by who is the question. Suddenly Karei burst out saying “Look Leo, there!” I looked round seeing the stranger from before and the war general that possessed the Sword of the Heavens, they were fighting, as I had a better look round I saw the army that was with the general, they were all killed, most likely by the stranger, and then I just remembered – Waizu said his name is Zeon, and as I was thinking it was over the war general was dead and Zeon was holding the Sword of the Heavens, Zeon beaten the General like rock beats scissors.<br />
<br />
Zeon walked over here and handed me the sword, he said “Take it and go, protect the sword but don’t use it, do you understand?” I stood there silently and nodded, after that he vanished, it was over. I and Karei were set, we decided to settle down, have a family and never use the Sword of the Heavens again.<br />
<br />
5 years after the incident a man walked out of the shadows, with one purpose, to retrieve the Sword of the Heavens…<br />
<br />
The End

by EzoAkatsuki
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 466
Property: Naruto