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the revival of the fire part 6(akatsuki)
The anbu squad fights off the remaining elite with tactics divide and defeats all of them. Naruto then in seeing the anbu squads feels happy and tells them the plan on defeating the akatsuki. As now they know akatsuki got allied from Sky Island and the rain village the mission became extremely difficult. The plan was naruto and sora and killerbee and sai flying over them go in full strike and the anbu squad would cover them and the roots would be the taking on the over hidden village ninjas. There are only 7 akatsuki left to defeat except saskue. Uchiha madara, zetsu, kisame hoshigaki, saskue,suigestu hozuki, Karin and jugo are now the rest of the akatsuki. After that brief discussion gai and his team arrives and naruto tells then the plan and they go in search of akatsuki. With the bakyugan of neji it was easier to track the akatsuki. After 3 day of journey they finally arrived at the destination to see sky ninjas and rain ninja ready for battle. The roots and the anbu squads gets full forced battle with the other ninjas and gai and naruto team goes off to battle the real enemy with naruto fighting off uchiha madara ...<br />
by gavindprince

by gavindprince
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 597
Property: Naruto