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What If? part 2
&quot;Who was that?!&quot; Sakura asked nervously. Naruto answered calmly, &quot;I don&#039;t know, but I think it came from the room on the second floor where my dad keeps the heads of everyone he&#039;s ever killed on pikes.&quot; Then Itachi, Sakura, and Sasuke had chills running down their spines. They all screamed with fear &quot;AHHH!!!&quot; Then, they ask &quot;Is this place haunted too?&quot; He responds, &quot;No. Now let&#039;s go.&quot; They go to the room, open the door, and see an ANBU Root member who they recognize as Sai tossing aside Naruto&#039;s dad as if he were dead weight. &quot;Sai. WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?!?!?!,&quot; Naruto said as the fox&#039;s chakra surrounded him. He charged and Sai stabbed him with a sword dipped in poison and he fell to the ground. He finally answered, &quot;My assignment from Danzo.&quot; Itachi then activated his Sharingan and put a genjutsu on Sai making him comatose. &quot;Sasuke, cuff him. Sakura, go tell Tsunade what happened.&quot; He then spoke into his radio, &quot;Attention all active duty ANBU members, we have a level 1 situation. Naruto and the 4th Hokage have been attacked. ANBU Root member Sai was responsible.&quot; Suddenly, 8 ANBU members appeared and said, &quot;We got the message Captain Uchiha, we&#039;re going to take Sai here into the ANBU Torture and Interrogation center.&quot; One of them removed their mask, revealing a brown haired girl. She then ran to Naruto&#039;s side, &quot;Naruto, don&#039;t worry. I&#039;ll take you to the hospital.&quot; She hugged him tightly. They then left.<br />
<br />
Who is that brown haired girl? <br />
<br />
Why did she hug Naruto?<br />
<br />
Find out next time on Naruto: What If? PART <br />
<br />
3! <br />
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Who is

by OrochimaruClone1
Written: 5 years ago
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