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B.A.B. manga.Just do it-Chapter 4
Chapter 4-Level 2 is unlocked!<br />
<br />
Shouta decides to ask Hanako , The Third Chosen to help Jin with her training. After they have a little chat, they head out for the Hidden Waterfall Village.<br />
After 3 days, they finally reach it. They go to the hot springs to relax before they start training. Jin is very tired, so she just goes to bed. But when she falls asleep she has a very strange dream. She dreams that something is happening to &quot;Guren&quot;. She suddenly wakes up and sees that &quot;Guren&quot; has changed it&#039;s form and has a strange symbol on it. The symbol says &quot;level 2&quot;.<br />
Jin (surprised): What’s happened to &quot;Guren&quot;?<br />
After a minute Shouta and Hanako come in the room and start asking Jin what&#039;s going on.<br />
Shouta: What happened here? We saw a light coming from your room and we rushed in here as fast as we could!<br />
Jin: What light? I didn&#039;t saw anything. But something weird is going on with Guren. It&#039;s never happened before.<br />
Hanako takes a look at the sword. He sees the symbol and says &quot;I never though this would happen so soon&quot;<br />
Jin: Do you know what&#039;s going on? Why did Guren change like that?<br />
Hanako: There are some things about Guren that even Mao (Jin&#039;s sister) didn&#039;t know. This symbol means that Guren is unlocked to level 2.The max levels are 5.But it usually takes a lot of time to unlock even 1 of them. But you Jin, you unlocked level 2 in a matter of days. That means you&#039;ve become much stronger.<br />
Jin (surprised): But how? I didn&#039;t do anything. It happened while I was sleeping.<br />
Hanako: You see, Jin, &quot;Guren&quot; somehow is connected to your mind. You think you didn&#039;t do anything, but actually just by using &quot;Guren&quot; you get closer to unlocking a new level. The more you use it, the deeper it gets in your mind. If you don&#039;t control it properly, it might even take over your mind. Ones that happens, there’s no turning back…<br />
Jin: So, if I&#039;m gonna unlock more levels, I’ve got to learn how to suppress &quot;Guren&quot; from going into my mind. Right ?<br />
Hanako: Correct. That&#039;s exactly why I came. Starting tomorrow, you will learn a technique that will keep &quot;Guren&quot; away from your mind. You better be ready, cause&#039; it&#039;s gonna be a lot harder from now on.<br />
Jin: Alright! I&#039;ll train really hard to master the technique! Once I learn it, we&#039;ll find the two strangers I saw that night (the last battle between the fallen souls and Jin) cause&#039; I have a lot of questions to ask them. And that guy with the strange eyes (referring to Misaki) gives me the creeps. I didn&#039;t see the other one pretty well. But I&#039;m sure he&#039;s very strong. I&#039;ll have to train really hard if I want to defeat them!<br />
<br />
Will Jin master this new technique before &quot;Guren&quot; takes control of her mind? Will she unlock another level? Next chapter: Deviru Nakiji

by shizofreniq
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 538
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