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a story simialer to sasuke but worse(part 1 intro)
as the sun peeked over the the cherry rees mekazou(ME-kah-zoo) rushed through the massive grove. this was the fifth day after it had happened. stop. rewind. first i best explain.mekazou herogagei<br />
(here-o-gah-kee) is from a secret and not vary widly known vilage called the hidden lake village in the land of cliffs. they keep there village a secret and it is located in an area around the valley of the end. the village is located under the lake where sasuke and narutos big battle takes place. the reson it is not seen is because it is hidden under the lake.a massive cavern was discovered there and the villages first mezokage. uoso mezokeza. during a massive invasion by the a country to the north, now conquered and long forgotten. the mezokage placed a barrier of chakra 2,000 feet above the botom of the pit that the village is located in. from the bottom it is see through but, the top it apears to be dirt since it has filled and become the valley of the end. the entrance to the village is one kilometer from the water fall.a sertain desplasing of chakra release a chkara barrier under the water and opens to the under grounf river leading in to the village.from the 5 years before mekazous birth to the day mekazou graduated from the acadamy the leaf village occupied the hidden lake village. events in the leaf village caused the pull out of the hiiden lake village. mekazou reseved 2 head bands a cliff and leaf head band. the cliff head band has 2 upside down L&#039;s, one pointing left and one pointing right, then a line that runs halfway up the the inside of one of the L&#039;s the turns 45 degrees and goes down the other inside of the L.this rebresents the chakra barrier.then 2 waves that represent water on top on the line then 3 horizontal lines that represent the village. mekazou has brown hair that parts at the front and runs down the sides down to the bottom of his cheeks.in the back there is a pony tail that starts at the top back of his head.the herogagi clan has a blood line that is only common ever 50 years. it il like a computer in your head, it slows down the movements read the opponents chakra makes it posibly to tell there next move. it is called shishbycogan. mekazou exelled faster then itachi at age 6 he graguated the academy became a chunnin at age 7 and at ahe 8 1/2 began training as an anbu. on his nineth birth day his father gave him his first katana.story starts now.mekazou ripes of the rice paper of the rectangular box object that his father uomesay has given him, has he does this mekazous uncle reechan exits the room. as moshezou mekazou&#039;s 3 year old sister rips the last of the paper of the other end of the box mekazou&#039; slowly lifts the lid. it a katana! every one cheered exept moshe(moshezou) who has crawld over to the door and fallen asllep. mekazou&#039;s mother and father drag 3 logs in to the room for him to practice on. mekazou then stands in the middle on the 3 logs in a triangle around him. has he consontrats his chakra in to his feet and arms, then with a quick jurk to the left slicing the first log half way through the middle upper cutting the second log then with a swift turn throws the katana at the 3rd log. drops kicks the 2nd log in half and tackles the 1st long . i was filled with happiness but when i looked up there were no smilling faces instead blood and carnage. swirling around also to find mother and father slummed over each other. i decided not to stay to see where moshe was. as i leaped from the door an exlotion to my right sent me flying in to the building on my left. when i became concsious again bodys lay in front of me and expodes hirobombs. like papers bombs that sent kuneis flying instead of an explosion. as i ran in to the streets 4 nieghboors came running at me yelling murderer... to be continued.

by mekazou409
Written: 5 years ago
Views: 576
Property: Naruto